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SERIES: The Unit (11)

It had been 3weeks since the Independence Day Area HQ bombing and the ensuing arrests of the suspects, things were finally returning to Status Quo. Khaleesi got up like every other day and was getting herself prepared for work right after she [...]

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Kulture: Tory Lanez vs. Royce?

Last night, the twitter verse was sparked to life by a brief exchanges between Royce Da 5'9 and Tory Lanez. It all started with Royce responding to a fan's question directed at him, asking him if he felt Lanez came out the winner from the two round [...]

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SERIES: The Unit (2.1)

She pauses after she hears the door bell, reached for her service pistol at her bedside drawer and walks to the bedroom window to have a look into the compound. She sees a G-Wagon and a Camry parked by the drive way and 6 men in suits (with [...]

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