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A Wasted Generation
The 2015 Review
Meeting The Boyfriend
Things That Would Happen If Mark Zuckerberg Was A Nigerian
The Pursuit of Happiness: The Bigger the Bully, The More the Beat
A Chat With LadyBird
The Warranty Fraud
Pray For Paris
Scientific Maximum Shishi: Barbaric or Civil
A Fresh Start
Comic Relief: A Rough Good Day
Been Long You Saw Me
A GEJ, The Obas, and the Host (Dearth of Journalism in Nigeria)
The Pursuit of Happiness: Companionship
The Pursuit of Happiness: Paper Chasing
The Pursuit of Happiness
The Consultant E03
The Consultant E02
365 Days Later
The Consultant E01
Blame Game
Reward For Passion Sake
My Gratitude
Event: Meat Embassy is 6
Adverts and the Messages
Comic Relief: The Fem Fresh Experience
The BC III: Ebola Outbreak (Fact or Fraud)
The Subtle Threat
Event: Iya Tilo (Abeokuta)
The Weakest Link II: Upper Stratosphere
Do Think Like a Man
Comic Relief: Operation Error
The Bank Robbery: Mastermind
Pharaoh and The Red Sea
The Avengers (vs BRTs)
The Bank Robbery: Endgame II
The Bank Robbery: Endgame I
The Struggle
A Night of Revolt
Chibok Drama: Matters Arising
Comic Relief: A Day in The HAMPTONS
The Bank Robbery: Covert its Overt(9)
The Other Other Guys
The Bank Robbery: Error in Connection(8)
The Bank Robbery: Twist(7)
The Bank Robbery: Aftermath(6)
The Chibok Drama
The Bank Robbery: D-Day(5)
The Drummer’s Exodus: Everything or Nothing(4) 
The Bank Robbery: Ball in Motion(4)
The Largest Economy
The Drummer’s Exodus: Heartache(3)
The Bank Robbery: Devise(3)
The Drummer’s Exodus: Realisation(2)             
The Bank Robbery: The Motive(2) 
The Drummer’s Exodus: Genesis                     
The Bank Robbery: Meet The Robbers
The LASTSLAP                                                        
The Departed 
The Dialogue                                               
The Suicide Pill
The Party 
The Great Divide                                
The Weakest Link
The Listing                                                        
The Rugrats
The BC 2: Strange Calls         
The Lee Rigby Murder 
The 1 Chance                               
The “Happy New” Rave 
The Transfiguration                               
The  BCs 
The Swindle                                                 
The Cougar Ville
The Truth                                                          
The New Fraud