Kulture: Litty Again Again

Lanez Vs. Lucas went another round about 24hours after the first round.

This round, Lanez stepped up and caught a body fam; Joyner in the words of Drake, “was bodied by a singing Nigga”

Litty Again Again – Tory Lanez

Tory right of the bat gunned for Joyner in the song. Hit him with stats; 2018 Platinum Plaques, IG Followers, then talked about Joyner’s father’s failed music career, responded to the threesome line from Joyner’s Litty, attacked the fast rap no bars of Joyner so on so forth. Overall, Tory set the bar for Joyner to beat in the 2nd round of this battle

Zeze Freestyle – Joyner Lucas

Joyner’s response as usual came out the same day, and I must same was weak. I believe he could have done better, he didn’t, so he lost the round. Took his time and we were like “Okay, this the normal buildup Joyner kinda track” only this time, he didn’t deliver. Went on about Lanez owing a ghostwriter, not having is own style and still being under Drake’s Shadow, sounding like Bieber as well, him talking to him like a father talking to his over-entitled son, which too me was poor delivered as regards Tory’s on Litty Again Again.

Tory hasn’t initiated round 3, guess he wants to quit while he’s ahead, although it’s still one round to each participant contest. If Tory isn’t ready (after claiming he has 3,600 songs in his arsenal), Joyner, please redeem yourself and initiate round 3.

I know I’m supposed to drop links to the song, but I figured the songs are about 72hours old, you most likely must have heard them.

Until next time, Peace.



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