READ: A GEJ, The Obas, and the Host (Dearth of Journalism in Nigeria)


It was on Friday 28th of November the President of country decided to meat with the Council of Obas in the Southwest, the venue was the Oduduwa hall in Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife. And the Host was the entire University community.

As expected in every country with a controversial leader, whenever he steps into the public, he’ll always be met with protests with questions or phrases criticising his policies boldly written on placards and as such, there will be chants as well.
Well the president was met with protests by a section of the University comprised of students (not all of them) with, there were chants of “Ole Ole Ole Ole” in tune with the great Spanish chant, only this time, it was The Yoruba meaning that was implied, THIEF. The meeting went on with no hitch and he took photos with several University committees as well as representatives of the Student Union, and he departed in his Helicopter.
Now the amazing thing was that The Punch headline the next day was like a “Linda Ikeji” mentored title. The body went on to tell of how GEJ was stoned by students. Abeg (please) GEJ will be stoned and the school will still be on session after such incidence? Not forgetting this is not a civilised world where Human right is taken with the highest regard, he’s Ego will play in and someone must pay for it (someone always pays).
Now, this article insults the students of OAU, tags them as animals and uncivilised literates. I must tell you that they are the most hardworking (or course laden) sets of student in Nigeria. Now the Thomas in you all has been awaken and I’ll give u my hands and feet for you to put your fingers in it; a science student in 100level OAU offers 4courses and your school will offer 6-10-11courses in 100level and at the end, it’s the same thing they are both learning. If you still don’t understand my explanation then you can never graduate in OAU.
Back from digression. This piece is actually about the so called respected professionals called Journalist, who just want to sell papers these days and not the truth(news). I thought (still think though) it was their duty to unravel all conspiracy and give us the truth so we (the public) can decide how we want to be ruled. Sadly, they have now become bloggers; no time to investigate anything, just pick up a rumour and gladly print it in black and white. As it stands, the papers can’t tell us the truth, the TV stations have gone political, so how is it we know how we are being fooled and who is willing to unravel mysteries going on? Is journalism a lost cause now? I think it’s high time the Journalism body set up standards that must be met by every professional that calls him/herself a journalist. Safe


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  1. abiolaorry says:

    Thanks for the clarity!!

  2. damola says:

    Yes the writer of these article was right but his countenance is bad imagine an OAU student writing for the public using all sort of short hand to write,U for You,high time followed with present tense hmmm it high time we knew going to school is for us to build up ourself and not for achieving grade,i have said my own

    1. Really appreciate the correction and criticism, only I never pointed out I’m a student of the school, I could also be a sympathiser, by fighting for a cause or someone. Safe

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