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Its been days since a man died and his son has been dipped into a rape scandal. Along side him in this scandal are his younger and older brothers, his cousins and friends as well as a police officer. *sips coffee*.

Well what a terrible thing and times she must have gone through; to have been raped on a daily basis by her crush and his Band of rapers(not rappers tho). The tale is so touching and moving you would instantly fall behind her for support. So sad. The perfect oppression story; raped by the rich and powerful and justice seems far-fetched. But then reading this with an open mind, one will notice lots of discrepancies in her tale of a rape which I now tag a terrible version of I Spit on your Grave.

We begin with the Nissan Altima scenario. We all know to that to have sex on the floor of a car is not impossible but rather difficult; the space between front and back seats, the elevated divider in the middle of the floor, which means ur back and body takes a __/****__ shape on the floor. Well its rape, any position is possible. Then this is the first rape case in the history of rapes where a man forces his penis into the lady’s mouth.. I’m literally dying of laughter right now, though it isn’t funny. Which bloke in his agroed self will decide to stuff his delicate tool into your most effective defence tool? All you need do is go Hyena on his penis; lock your jaw on it.

Then comes the interesting part. She went back for more; Classic Oliver Twist the very next day.. Well some say it is Stockholm Syndrome, well Nigerians really can’t comprehend words, so they just throw it around. Stockholm Syndrome is empathy shown from captive to captor, this is mostly in a hostage situation (Kidnap Inclusive) and or abusive homes and relationship (husband and wife, kids and parent(s), boyfriend and Girlfriend). All these people have in common is they share a roof together be it years or days, they sleep and wake under the same roof. Can we now throw that syndrome out of the window please.

Well, her rape case is also astonishing how she quickly got over it and started mingling and hitching rides with the opposite sex “If I get into your car, please drive in fucking silence or you will make it hard for me to breathe”. She was ganged raped in 2007, she started a blog in 2007, wrote her tale in 2008 (pls check the date on this article) and 2007, she’s moved on and hanging out with blokes again? After a Cumbersome Gang-rape.

Well, I guess she’s a bitter young lady. I don’t care what might have actually transpired between the bloke, but this particular gang rape, is just a BRT Bus headed for interstate sojourn. Then you take time to advertise your skills in a gang-rape article, your doctor has refused to back up your claims, your nameless prescriptions are so charming in your lovely locker (we see your cosmetics too), your 72 hours hold doesn’t come with any proof from the hospital or police. Has brother Nimbi confirmed the bottle saga? Is there anyone out there (lady that contacted her about same experience), anybody at all to back this up. At the end of this all, its all a story of “them say” “she say” until a credible source pops up.

As we await that person, please Mr. Audu, kindly sue her, she needs therapy and some alone time in a 7×12 cell for defamation just for the sake of 5mins fame for her blog and her skills.

Very obnoxious somebody. *sips coffee*

PS: I also wrote this tale in 2008


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