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This piece isn’t about the events in the 90s, but it’s about the Children of the 90s. You may see it as a hasty generalization or one being biased, before you do so, I admit that there are always exceptions in cases of categorizations and classifications. The Typical 90s kids on the Social Media are very well known to show some of these traits to be discussed.

They rant about being a “Kvng/King/Queen/Boss/BossLady”, how they don’t “Care/Give a Fvck” about people or what is said about them, and they usually persist on the “if u don’t text, I don’t text” as well as the general belief that if you don’t check on them or don’t wish them “Happy Birthday” (egbami) then you are a “Hater/Fake Friend” (Irriswell).

To forget that they all want to be their own person and are all Entrepreneurs is a disappointment; they mistake Entrepreneurship to “Street Hustle.” Have the idea that Salary Paying Job isn’t the way forward and they want to make money on a plan they don’t have and review themselves as “Hustlers” whereas, their sources of income remains funds or Allowances from their Salary-earning or Entrepreneur Family (Parents, Uncles/Aunts, Siblings).

All these rants about not giving a fvck about another person but themselves, how their ‘hustle’ is pure, how flashy their ‘imaginary’ life is, are done using devices paid for by their hardworking Parents and/or 80s Siblings.

Have a plan, source for funds to make that plan into reality, and people will recognize you and speak about it on your behalf. Biko stop polluting Threads and Notifications with how dope your life and hustle is; people will forever notice your progress, no need to tell them, they see it. Beginning from your lifestyle to your manner of speech and level of thinking, trust me, people notice. Probably they need to remember, “Empty Barrels are usually the loudest”.

You have a name or Nickname, stick to it. We don’t see Buhari changing his usernames/handles to ‘No1 Citizen’ ‘Presido’ ‘Back 2 Back Leader’. We already know he’s the President of Nigeria and we know his name and his position because you go into an office and you see his ‘pisure’ there smiling back at you. So saying, the 90s kids who do things differently don’t loud it; Unilag 5.0 CGPA Graduate didn’t put up ‘5.0 Gangster’ on any of his handles, yet we know about the feat because of the result.

Biko 90s pikin reading this, Majority don’t care for your progress, just results (checkpoints). If you stop talking about it all and listen, you would actually make progress in any goal you set. Bear in mind “To be Rich” is all of our desire, the question is “how do you get there?” numerous ways to do such; Salaried Jobs, Entrepreneurship are the ways and not “I dey Streetz” (No such Thing). NB: A drug peddler is an Entrepreneur until he gets caught.

In other words, kindly elevate your thinking to a level when you realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you. People have problems to solve and remembering its your birthday or to check on you isn’t one of them. If you miss someone, call or text them because you don’t know the shit that’s pulling their attention from their Social Life.



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