READ: Chibok Drama: Matters Arising

matt_bors_2Its over 60 days since the abduction of over 200 girls at midnight of April 14- morning of 15th in Chibok and no significance rescue has been attempted except for the escaped 6 or so (numbers fluctuate) girls.

We all know it is entirely unreasonable for kids be left unfound for 60Days, especially when the captors are identified terrorists. I won’t delve into the psychological trauma the girls and their mothers are going through at the moment, instead, we will dabble into the cause of this massive delay.

There were rumours about our front line soldiers sleeping on the floor, no roofs over their heads in their so called camps, while the whole country expects them to win a war against terror. It was a rumour until I met a front line soldier who came home briefly, he not only confirmed it, he also stated he wasn’t given any allowance on being dropped off in Lagos.
Every system is like a computer Gabbage in Gabbage out, its no news that we’ve been throwing gabbage in and we should expect nothing less than wat is happening. Looking at it from a Developed countries approach, we Nigerians lack maintenance culture and a serious disinterest in research, all we want to do is to buy what we need, and we usually don’t know we need something until another Nation develops it, then we buy it.

The budget towards the military is a little over N1Trillion and we don’t have a single Mine resistant tanks (it is said that book haram has placed mines around their camps), drones are far from our level of technology, I doubt we have a single year 2000 till date apache helicopters. If we went to war with Algeria or South Africa, the defeat will be a landslide. The country is big, there is land, there is human resource, there is the natural resources, finally there is a population of Elite group which is large enough to populate a state, now tell me, what else do we need, except that we have a useless satellite orbiting someone in space. In case you haven’t noticed, number as don’t win wars, only what they are packing and the static as used in approaching every battle (even US knows this, Vietnam took them to school).

Now, the heads of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Finance are trading blames (the usual Nigerian way of saying “I’ll be doing better if not for….”) While the girls are having their childhood gradually taken away from them. Hope the monies required by the armed forces will be paid, then each arm of the Military will work towards establishing research facilities where required weapons and equipments can be developed then built by private contractors. Its about time we showed what it means to be the giant of Africa and do away with all these cold war era weapons.

We (President, Armed forces, fellow Nigerians, and Foreign Aid) should hasten any plan they are hatching in bringing these girls back. They are not just the daughters/sisters of some Chibok families, they are Nigerians hence, they are ours.
One belief, One love, One Nation. Safe


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