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These days, death at resorts, beach, and sea side is rising in our country (Nigeria). This then begs the question, do we have the right rescue team; and if we do, then there’s a problem with the increase in the stupidity rate in the on going population boom (“18,000 Babies daily “- Sen. Ben Bruce).

Do not get me wrong, I have sympathy and empathy, but then, most of these deaths are as a result of stupidity and unproductive boastful ego. Why would you swim a Kilometre and beyond into the ocean or sea? Oh! Guess I have to answer it. Heres a typical reason;

Guy1: Bobo, I fit swim reach that boat way day there *points to a boat about 4KM from the shore*

Guy2: I go swim am come back before you reach am.

Guy3: Oya now, I sure say papin (Guy1 Street name) go finish ahead of you Shark (Guy2 Street Name)

Guy4: Guys, na flex we come here come flex. Just stay here make we merry and go back house.

*Next Day Headline* Waves throw to boys out at sea. R.I.P

*Ignorant Ones* Them mammy water don carry them go.

After all this, this is what I see and hear; “Tilapia fish decides to wager with his friends to walk 3KM into the desert and back on its tail fins”

Why would you take such risk over zero reward? The National Chairman for Nigerian Swimmers Association isn’t looking to recruit for the next big things at a luxury resort, also, if the water doesn’t kill you, other creatures will try at least.

Why not just maintain your lane at the shoreline and enjoy the bloody breeze and live at least a day longer to realising your goal and at least have little beings to take after your name?

You will swim 3KMs out and 3KMs in; either you are a surfer (with a board), or a tilapia fish, or just stupid.  The energy you use for a KM is up to the same energy for walking 4-5KM on land, so why burn through such amount of energy without a reward?

Like a friend once said “Ignorance is the most effective murderer in Nigeria”.

If you are not getting any reward for swimming a total of 6KM thru and fro, biko, drink cold water and look for a sin to commit on “LAND” and leave the sea for the fishes and better equipped individuals.

If you end up in the Headline for this same reason stated above, I won’t even read the names, I’d rather read Arsene Wenger’s reason for not winning the BPL (which is more of a cliche)..

To those who have lost their lives for no reason, R.I.P, for those who after reading this still loose their lives this way, you should have stayed in the condom.



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