READ: Do Think Like a Man


In my 2 decades of existence, I have come to understand that life is never complicated, we humans complicate it just because we want to be portrayed as unpredictable and different or unique. Now this trait is common amongst the male species and it is termed “Ego” and it’s also in women termed “Emotions”

. Yes, this subject is on boy girl relationship.

I’ll like to be blunt with you all, just know what you want or can offer, and also know if u can deliver or can’t accept what is being offered. Please why complicate your life by accepting a zone from a girl when this not what you want, when you could just clear her once and for all? All a guy wants is the cookie (sex) and all you need to do is tell him the requirements be it commitment/fidelity, money, gifts, violence, go to church with you, we will do it, because we express our love or emotions or whatever it is we feel for a girl by physical contact i.e cookie.

My soon to be ex (been dating for a year and 6 weeks) wouldn’t release the cookie until marriage, she set her rules, I followed them only to realise someone else is eating the cookie I have been paying tithes and bills for. Well our next date will be our last and she won’t still know because she won’t read this even after I send her a link to this article. Yep, that’s the lady behind my success I guess.

The sub I prepared down for her exit was all too pushy on “Do you trust me?”, “Can you trust a girl?”, “Hello dearest/love” just 4 days into the relationship. She also kept the cookie for the wedding day and she said she wasn’t a virgin, and also was almost in a hurry to tie the knot (she’s only 21 and I’m yet to outgrow bachelorhood). She was introduced by a marriage hungry fellow to me who was already engaged, the day she decided to break up with me was the day she heard that the guy’s engagement as been broken off by his fiancée (If she reads this one, maltina cares).

A girl recently went through the pain to get my attention, she succeeded, then I went blunt just to save us some drama and ask “What do you want from me” and she went “Friendship”. Like seriously? If it was 2006 I might have agreed, but please its 2014, I’m not yet that 1000000000000 yards husband material, I can count all of my friends on the fingers of one hand and you went through a crucible to get my attention for just that. I’m not just that “boy” anymore.

The current one set no rules of engagement except for the paraphrase “Take care of me (just went Drake and Rihanna on her)”. The rules are meant for us to know the extremes, yes spontaneity is also allowed, but always remember a mans food is another’s poison..

That said all that is required to “Take care of a woman” is money, things bought with money, tickets or dinners also bought with money, and keep quiet and maintain eye contact while they talk (easy isn’t it), but all it requires to take care of a man is the cookie, because we will definitely eat your indomie and takeaways was the cookie is well baked.. Now, go break a leg you your respective relationships.. Safe

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