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Sometimes I wonder why the world seems to tick on the basis of immorality.

Granted, I’m a palace of immorality, but then, I ensure to respect and not to look down on a fellow beings ability. I mean, we relate to people we relate to because they have their use; some for sport update, some for history and politics, some for entertainment update, some for credit (some for debit) alerts, some for morality check, others for financial exploitation. Considering all these functions, one should realise he isn’t the smartest human being in the world, hence, everyone is worth listening to unless the discourse isn’t in line with the situation.

True, we all tend to seem to ooze out scents of superiority complex from time to time and we seem to overlook ideas that might actually be helpful to us and possibly one’s generation. All this comes from the fact that the other person might be less entitled financial which means, he’s poor, lives in a shanty or ghetto, therefore, no vision or productive idea can ever come out of such person(s).

I am a bit guilty of this, but then, i outgrew it because it became a case of look at myself or disregarding my ideas based on where I live and what my finances is like (darn ugly). The most guilty of these sickness are the rich; i wonder why they (New Money) soon forget that they are an example of how “ikoko dudu” can give rise to “Eko fun fun”. This is purely based on their self assessment of feeling “I’m a special breed” and the rest aren’t. Looking ahead, the rich relatives are the worst at things like these. Wild example: That rich uncle believes you ain’t shit (excuse my french) because your father was the dumbest and the least to do well in the immediate family circle, hence, you are your father’s child, hence, your rise through family help is forever handicapped by this Stereotype.

Well, if anything else, perseverance is the key to every climb out of the ghetto to the Suburbs; either illegally (which they already expect you to do), or legally. Disturb somebody’s soul till your idea is heard, criticised and finally bought (Biko, don’t sell out, unless of course for $100-$500m).

I pray when you become a new money, you don’t keep this terrible circle going. The only way to go from New to Old money is to break the cycle. The more relatives (people) you pull up, the more your investments, the more your dividends, the longer your wealth stays in your family. #OkBye



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