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It has been a good month so far, and this is my appreciation to everyone who touched my life, help solved my problems, and made me a very happy man.

I resumed school last week, which was the deadline week for fees. Funny debacle it was, fund was available but I couldn’t access my student account because a staffer forgot to point me towards the right direction when I was processing my admission. For the intervention of the lovely Ms. Ahmida, the error was rectified and I paid on the deadline, to you I guess I owe my studentship (hehehehehe), but on a lighter note thanks, words can describ my gratitude.

Its been over 24months since I open a new facebook account (not omobabapension) when I finally decided to grace my friends and followers on facebook with a profile picture that had my face on it on Sunday. Its Tuesday and the “LIKEs” are still rolling in. To my facbook friends and followers, I’m grateful. Thanks for the support; obvious that you must have done so from pity “DaFuq is this ugly MOFO? Well its his first real picture, now I know why. Oya take like”

Well piracy has been in the publishing, movie and music industry. Just discovered I am also a victim of piracy, and the culprit a fellow student in OAU who put my articles up on his department’s editorial board without acknowledging me and takes all the Glory. Well, all I seek is a little “culled from” somewhere at the bottom of my articles. There are others out there like him also, some who credit me and others who don’t, but I’m glad my work inspires some people and they seek to showcase it to others, for that I am ever grateful.

Well it is a common saying especially in Lagos “NO FOOD FOR LAZY MAN”, its not been easy but I’ve not stop relenting in tasking myself to seek a means of survival. For those who where there to pick me up when I went down in defeat, those who rewarded the services I rendered and those who still haven’t paid a kobo in return, I’m most grateful to you all, as you help in forging me into the man I’m becoming..

Thank you all and may the God/Allah or gods you worship continue to bless you. Safe


Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son. Not Proofread or Edited


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  1. BeeVee says:

    #OBP, gratitude 2 u 2 o……buh i reserve my unclaimed comments>>>>WELLDONE>>>>>

    1. Lol… Your opinion is very candid. Please undo that reservation sir..

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