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I recently was involved in an argument with a friend on Facebook over his post. The post was about archeologists, Ramses’ mummy, an experiment that showed that Pharaoh didn’t die at the Red Sea incident, it was this result that led him to attack the bible and Christians, whilst justifying his actions by the Quran telling them to seek knowledge and truth.

I read the whole thing and what immediately came to mind was he’s post was wrong and I challenged him in these exacts word Please which version of the bible did u read Pharaoh perished at sea? Even “The Prince of Egypt” Animation and the Moses movie both showed a scene where Ramses returned to Egypt after most of his soldiers had perished. The Pharaoh version where he perished is the one “Nigerian” parents or Preachers tell their children and congregations. Get your facts straight.
As expected this fellow got hold of a bible and replied in these words In the prefect sense,there shouldn’t be any version of the Bible. That asides,I have with me New world Translation of the Holy Scriptures and Exodus chapter 14 gives us Information on the pursuit of the Israelites to the sea by the Egyptians.Verse 23 says:’ And the Egyptians took up the pursuit and all the horses of Pharaoh,his war chariots and his calvarymen began going after them into the midst of the sea……v28 says “And the waters kept coming back.Finally they covered the chariots and the calvarymen belonging to all of Pharaoh’s Military forces and who had gone into the sea after them.Not so much as one among them was let remain.
People might say Pharoah himself was not among the chasers but v8 of the same chapter answers that already and I quote:”Thus Jehovah let the heart of Pharaoh the king of Egypt become obstinate and he went chasing after tge sons of Israel,while the sons of Israel were going out with uplifted hands”.
I read it and made it known to him that it didn’t state that Pharaoh perished there, that it was just a matter of misinterpretation which he himself is now presently doing. “So in the quest of proving one religion wrong, why not just respect those of others around you to give yourself inner peace. You sit from the comfort of your room and pour out blasphemous statements about another’s religion because “its not mine so damn the consequences”, but honestly, just worship God your own way, seek knowledge and enlighten yourselves as you see fit, but never ever try to tarnish another’s image even after the fact that, he barely misunderstood and still misunderstands what was written for people of a point of view different from yours.” This I said because he started with the bible versions as if they were upgrades to a software later went on quoting the pages as if it was the Quran (which he is also oblivious of) and he decides to correct an error, which in the first instance is not of the bible but of misinterpretation.
Another friend of his (a Muslim also) jumped in saying “Na waa oo, now it is movies and animations that we use to decipher the scriptures. Even all Sunday school children know that we the biblical pharaoh that chased the Israelites perished at sea.
All bible picture books I know show the pharaoh entering the sea and perishing therein. We were all taught this in nursery school. If the truth is clearer now and xtians are now trying to re-interpret their book, na dem sabi o.”
I realised the cause of this his statement still takes us back to misinterpretation and since English isn’t any of us, I took the pain to quote a Yoruba version of  the same chapter and verses “..gbogbo egbe Ogun Farao ti won n sale tele Omo Israeli si isale okun. Eni kan kosi bori ninu won (all of Pharaoh’s men who followed the Israelites into the sea, not one of them survived)”, and the best this young man came up with was “while I will not be drawn into this debate, suffice to say, it is only of recent that reinterpretation of the scriptures is being done to accommodate the archeological evidences available to us.”

Well then, to rectify this issue of misinterpretation: Dear Parents, Pastors, Catechists, and Sunday school teachers, take note of this slight error in interpretation when preaching to the young ones, as some of them will be offended taking corrections in the future. Hence, readjust all those prayer points about your enemies perishing like pharaoh did at red sea, and try to get your mother tongue version of the bible as that is what you will all understand best without even trying at it. Reading the bible is not a big deal, its just English and once that is cleared and understood, then its spiritual context or application will be easy to attain.
For those of you worried and eager to criticise the spirituality and beliefs of other people, here’s a quote from a poem written by Tecumseh ” Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours.”

Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son, not Edited nor proof read, just poured out. safe


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