Last Weekend saw an act of terror unleashed in the City of Love, Paree. Over a 100 people well killed in a single night’s well coordinated massacre.

I didn’t here or know about the attack, but my attention was called to it on Saturday by a contact’s BBM status “Not Paris, why?” (will get back to this). I decided to jump into Google and do some digging, lo and behold, the news was everywhere and I was the last human being to know about this (still baffles me also). Anyway, ISIS claimed responsibility, Hollande declared war, Syria was bombed, and people started Praying For Paris.

To be honest, I’m not sad it happened, neither I’m I empathising with the families of the victims. Call me heartless but then, what has happened has happened, but then, if we had proper Family/Bloodline record keeping in Nigeria, I’d same about half of this Nation’s population has lost someone at the hands of Boko Haram, yet the World doesn’t #Pray4Borno.

My point being we Nigerians should really learn to mind our business. Do not believe that you were the first to hear about the attack and sympathise on Social Media, or you Trend the #Pray4Paris on twitter and change your facebook profile to France’s flag watermark makes you a Important, my friend, you are just another ignorant attention seeker.

To me, these countries are only paying for their absurd Foreign Policies; they help Rebels topple Governments, New Government doesn’t do their biddings, they go ahead to topple the Government again. A vicious circle and the amounts of deaths these actions alone causes in these lands is beyond comprehension, if you’d ask me, its only fair if they have a taste of what they do in other countries in their own Country. I abhor violence and I condemn violence, but then, if you leave the Syrians to handle their problems, ISIS won’t be an issue in present day. A population isn’t happy with withs ruler, it breaks into a Civil War, you don’t have to impose your so called World Power authority and start supplying the Rebels Weapons and go as far as training the Rebels in order to overthrow the present Government. These Rebels now decide to avenge your Iraqi sins; sins of the fathers.

Guess what, US doesn’t care about Boko Haram until it spreads to white North Africa and Middle East, as long as it remains in Black Western Africa its not a priority. I didn’t cook up that line, a senior US official did say so, just follow the link below.

US & Boko Haram

The other day in Punch Newspaper, I read the column “US and China’s developmental visions for Africa” and I began to wonder why our future should be planned by people from entirely two different continents. These are the types of actions that causes conflict amongst brothers and Nations. A country isn’t just about people and right and wrong, and they do know right and wrong varies in all regions of the world; you can’t imbibe your working policies on entirely different folks with a way of life that is beyond your comprehension.

Coming back to the issue, supposing, all these other countries leave Syria and Iraq alone and remove all their troops and leave it to the Syrians and Iraqis to handle, there will be no bombings and massacre in your countries. These people are only enforcing Sharia law, looking at it from a technical angle, because its not by force the whole world lives by Democracy as some way of life isn’t in tune with it. Egypt, Libya, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia are yet to recover from the toppling of monarchy and dictatorship regime that they all had in place.

Genesis of ISIS

Review your policies; do business with countries, support the Government with its needs, leave in-house problems to solve themselves and don’t let personal gains (cheap Oil etc) let you get involved in their Civil matters, and I presume your citizens will be safe at home (with the racism and serial murders and psychopathic gun rages all over your country).

I want to believe the only reason why Nigeria has survive under Democracy thus far is the fact that the transition was peaceful (and to the fact that Nigerians in general hate violence), we will adjust completely with time, you can’t get it right in one day or Ten years.

P.S: On the same day of this attack in Paris, Lebanon was attacked, a Earthquake hit Japan thus triggering a small Tsunami (No death or injuries reported yet), and all that filled my thread on twitter, facebook and bbm was #Pray4Paris.. Ignorant Busy bodies.


*sips coffee*


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  1. ponmile says:

    Honestly you have a point, sometimes in Nigeria we pay attention to avoidable things, neglecting our own problems, I mean I’ve not seen #pray4 Nigeria despite all our issues plus I don’t understand why terrorists are mostly Muslims everywhere..

  2. ponmile says:

    Honestly you have a point, I ve never seen #pray4Nigeria despite all our issues yet there was pray4paris almost everywhere, plus I don’t understand why there is usually one islamic sect or the other killing people

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