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Its almost certain to believe that disfiguring a fellows physical appearance via battery is legal, once you become a member of the Obafemi Awolowo University Community.ORIGINS :Not to be forward on its origins, but, I want to believe it came to be as a result of the results of the 1999 Tragedy, when a number of students lost their lives at the hands of some Cult Members. The students launched a counterattack which led to the cleansing of the Community of Cult activities by beating every known (I mean every) cult members they could lay their hands on to a pulp, they went as far as dragging them in from their various off-campus residences to get a quota of the beating. It is fabled that lives where lost and some members abandoned their studentship because of the purge. Desperate Times, Desperate Measures.

Fast forward to 16years later. A bloke steals a phone, fellow students who have somehow empowered themselves Lords over others, beat them to a pulp. Its quite shameful that such a thing would happen in a place of “Learning and Culture” and students are enthusiastic about the shape of their fellow brother/sister, some would volunteer to also take a hit at him, some will take selfies and all.


Recent Victims

For victims of this bodily harm, you ought to know you have rights as a citizen of Nigerian. OAU community is well under the Constitution of this Great Nation, which means not a soul on the campus is above the law. For the fact that your body becomes a dump ground of scars for the rest of your life, someone has to pay for such with at least 12months of his life in a cage, you read right. According to Section 351 of the Criminal Code Act of Nigeria, beating a fellow Nigerian or a human Being in it’s territory to a pulp or just even hitting you in itself is a Criminal Offence, thus the saying “2 Wrongs don’t make a Right”; One commits Theft, the other in order to punish the thief commits Assault and Battery. 

Dear Student Union Government Officials, its either you are holding your Offices based on votes of the Students or appointed to office by those who got that power through votes. You work for the Students, they are not meant to fear you, its Democratic not Dictation which relies on intimidation. There are a million of ways to deal with a Thief (Not even a murderer) asides scarring him for life. Parading him/her is part of it, which I believe that on its own causes a Psychological Trauma for the Thief; his friends, admirers, Lover(s) all witness him being paraded as a criminal and his confidence level is completely shattered and peoples trust in him has been evaporated by that singular act.  Probably you don’t realise parading a pulped thief will most attract pity from the majority of the population and he’ll be forgiven and he wouldn’t be recognised after he’s wounds are healed. You parade him unharmed, you will leave him in the memories of every witness present, and there will be no pity. I really hope you desist from this vile acts as there is a change in our current Administration and every Law Enforcement Officer of the Federation and all civil Servants are eager to impress their bosses by doing their job i.e. You Mr. President will become an inmate soon enough if a stop isn’t put to this indignation of Students (like you also are) by fellows Students whom you appointed as Security officials.

Recent Victim

Recent Victim

These are no longer desperate times, so drop the old ways for crimes that are for the Cultists and not the Phone and Laptop Thieves (not robbers). Thank You



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  1. moon says:

    From the tone of the language I can tell that this writer is female, first above all I want to admire your compasion for a thief, but the truth of the matter is that he knew the consequences, he knew that it was a do or die affair. I’m pretty sure that if the reverse was the case he would be in that crowd taking turns on whosoever is being victimized. The truth is that they have been looking for a scape goat in the recent spike of theft in the area and the found one. I’m sure he’ll do it again later on if he was just taken to the police station and asked to bail himself with probablly 20k. But that beating would always flash back for a long time, may even cause him night mares. Theif don’t just steal your items they steal your hope, peace of mind in your own home, leaving you with post traumatic stress disorder and paranoia. You are lucky to not have been robbed else, you shoould know that your post is a waste of time and story for the lillies..

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