READ: Spear the Rod


Well, well, well… In the days of yore, when I was a boy, the amount of times I chopped pankere never levelled with the amount of goodnight kisses I got (last one, I was 18months old).

We were taught to greet and keep quiet in the presence of awa elders, stand up for the elders, collect the elders luggage/baggage, leave the living room when daddy’s guest is around, and we learned to read awa parents facial expression to learn to behave. Our parents didn’t talk much; they only had this phrases to know you will be disciplined

  1. Mentioning of your full name (Mine was fantastic)
  2. After telling you 3 times to “leave there” with their eyes and the word “OK” follows
  3. “Lo doro demi ni yara mi” (Go to my room and await my arrival)
  4. “Ti nba..!” (If I!!)

Fast forward to 20years, parents can now talk a lot ooo. They say the words “NO” , “Stop it” , “Leave there” over 2,000 times a day combined. Imagine that oral stress that one “ABARA” would have cut down to 3 times. These kids don’t even fear the eye language again, they don’t stand for elders, and they will never greet you until you tell them to (What a cumbersome upbringing).

This is to you readers who will be opportune to tutor my kids at one level or the other. Understand that if I’m paying over a N100,000 per term for primary education, I want my child to be a Gentleman or a Lady, if he threatens you with “I wee tee my daddy”, please, give me a call to request for my presence, and flog that evil spirit out of him in my presence, and he will see you get rewarded for it, hence, he will behave and get rewarded (Conditioning). If my child cannot greet the gateman on returning from school, does not listen at once, understand that i will come down to that school and beat the shii out of the principal and his/her class teacher together.

If I can’t afford quality education for my child, I will do the disciplining at home myself, but then I’m paying that amount of money for my child to be given a plaque for coming 5th in the whole class? Is the world even alright anymore?

Long story short, if you come across my kid as your pupil or student, put him/her in line with pankere and koriko (grass cutting), for the love of God, Spear that Child with the Gatdem pankere…





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