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It’s Saturday, and young blood decides to take himself for a good treat to vent off work, economy frustrations (which I usually do by trolling some colleagues). Only this time, lemme just go out (no lady company of niggy accomplice) get a long overdue information and probably see a movie..

Its past noon and I stroll into iStore at Ikeja City Mall to make a battery replacement enquiry, and they started to turn a positive day upside down on me. He asks for Mac model, I showed him on their display, then he says “First, we’ll run a diagnostics test on it to know what’s wrong”, I’m like “Brah, it says replace battery on the screen”. He then says its just protocol. Well, being a respecter of protocolsprotocols, I asked how much it would cost to run a diagnostic test to which I got a calm 15thauzand, and how long it would take, and another calm 3-4 days response. After the diagnostics, they’d then tell me what’s wrong and the cost to correct it.
Car users, biko, how long does it take to scan your cars? Probably 20mins, and how much does this scanning cost? 5-10thousand, I presume. So why on earth will it take 4days and 15thousand naira later to determine what’s wrong with a laptop? Nigeria is being killed by Nigerians in the name of packaging and corporate extortion. Anyways, I thanked him and appreciated his usefulness.

Then, moved on to Shoprite to get some tag prices (a bit over priced). Then and there, I decided to move up to see if Suicide Squad would be shown soon or has been shown. Time for movie is 1:05pm and my time says 12:30pm.. Hell ya!!! I’m good to watch this over one year old hyped movie before I leave Lagos:).. Bought ticket, was given a promo for free drink, so enthusiastic I threw the shii away.. Decided to pay to charge phone for 2 and half hours, got in to watch the movie.

About 2hours later, I’m a mess. The worst movie so far. The only reason it’s a commercial success is the year old hype it weighed on it. The story was very poor; a classic DC animation story, Plot 😂😂😂 lobbish!!. Continuity *rotfl* just never existed for the director, Director of Photograph needs to go for reschooling..
Words can’t describe how poor this movie is. The fight scenes where just cartoony and not detailed like the Civil war fight scenes. That director must have friends in Warner Bros highest places to be given that budget and cast to give us this terrible terrible movie. I can only hope wonder woman and justice league won’t be this terrible based on the same campaign method it has taken like this movie did. Do not pay to watch this movie.. Please don’t do it.. Wait for it and download it with Glo plan.

My time was wasted, and my chest and wallet now hurts. Well, I have people to disappoint tomorrow as a result of this terrible decision to watch a movie.. Bumping into an old school mate, made my entire day at last.. Shalla to Mr. Olukowi, really nice seeing you again



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  1. Eniola says:

    Okanlawon….. I can see how hurt you are from this epistle, thanks for making it known to us to avoid same mistake. Omo pastor as I’m called by you

    1. La-One says:

      “Oya wa lepa to dun, ode se gud geh, Omo Pastor….” Awayu? Akujo3

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