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Well the trendiest news in town is the public shun of the King of Ife (Ooni) and the King of Lagos (Oba).

One thing we do know that there is no one love shunning and being shunned, and before we start saying things about their monarchy ranking or status quo, then we need to consider the facts that 1st they are both Human beings and secondly, they have their private lives as well and we do not know the back story and neither will we know how they settle the preexisting issues leading to the shunning.

Yes, the Oba of Lagos can be a bit of Human Being to handle, but then, without the whole picture, all we can do is speculate.

This post isn’t to speculate as regards who is right, or whose Crown (balls) is bigger; rather its about a little history lesson about the Yoruba Monarchy and possibly how they rank above each other.

So far as books and scriptures go, there was never a time in history Lagos (Eko) was under the rule of the Yoruba Kingdom. Yoruba Kingdom in those days meant the present Oyo State, Ogun State, Osun State, Kwara State (before the invasion), and part of the present Lagos State. The Ekiti Kingdom covers the current Ondo and Ekiti States, and Lagos (Eko) was never a part of any of these kingdoms even at the height of the Oyo Empire.

Back to Hierarchy, the first Alaafin was a former Ooni of Ife. He was a direct descendant of Oduduwa and only left Ife with an army to go avenge Oduduwa’s exile from Mecca, and only gave up the pursuit when they arrived at River Niger and the army also dispersed due to in fighting amongst the Generals (whom were all siblings of the Ooni). Due to a long standing traditions, the King (Ooni) couldn’t go home after this failed expedition, so he head to Benin to rest, and was told to set up shop by the Benin King in Eyo (Oyo). On doing so, people started moving in as he was recognized as the supreme ruler of the entire Yoruba Kingdom and then had to make his office official. He had appointed is Head Slave (a Caretaker) to manage the affairs of Ife pending his return, but as his return was unlikely, he asked that the Sword and Calabashes for coronation to be brought down to Oyo as they stood for his power over life and death (the sword) and his kind of reign (peace or war), and this trend continued even when the new Oyo was formed. Thus, Oduduwa’s descendants became Alaafins and well, the new One’s came from the life of the caretakers or by appointment from Alaafins and Ife came under the rule of Alaafin until the colonisation.

With this short article, I hope I’ve been able to explain how the seat of Ooni is not as powerful as it is exaggerated and how the seat of Oba of Lagos owes the Ooni’s seat any required respect. Please keep an open-minded and stay with me. The shun should not be a fuss based on Monarchy standings, and it should be more of a celebrity thing like the Wizkid and Eva’s finance’s (I still don’t know his name) scenario **Googles and gets back** Wizkid and Caesar’s scenario.

Go ahead and argue with your respective history teachers.



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