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Chilling Yoruba Demon

Chilling Yoruba Demon

A Yoruba demon is basically a successful young bachelor, who’s currently tearing through lingeries before he gets to his wife. The demon need not be of Yoruba origin, but has his roots now planted in South Western Nigeria. The success seems to be a magnet to the amount of lingeries, plus he also makes efforts to show them that they are on par to being his wife, whereas, he knows they aren’t from the get go.

As a bloke with ancestral lines from egba, whose granddaddy had 4wives and daddy has 3wives, it should be said that I should be a lover of girls; unfaithful, wildparty life, and invested in contraceptives. Sadly, I’m a quiet passive dull(apo), who doesn’t go out, sticks to one chick (virgin or nah) at a time. So saying, my demon is recessive or has been recessive until recent months.

Was in a relationship with a mary (yes I know, so cumbersome) about a year. We went through the 3 financial stages; bouyant stage, then we went through broke stage, then at a point, went through penniless stage. It was very lovely, interesting, relationship and a very abstaining (celibacy) one for me.

So we met and got together when it was pompous. As usual spoilt her, she spoilt me as well; endorphins flooded our brains (at least mine) for about 2-3months. Reality check hit, the endorphins was dredged and I had to readjust my priorities to the nose diving economy. This lead to a brief break, which I requested in person, over a meal, and I requested for end of recess in person as well over a meal (hold that point).

Then the penniless stage came and shii got real tough; all income channels was lost, wasting away at home, even had time to read (history, politics, biographies, socioeconomic books). Every obstacle become immovable, unclimbable, and the route around it seemed endless, it was then she called it quits. This is not your cliché kinda quits.

Its the no credit no data kinda quits, and she sends u SMS (one page, just N4) to end about a year old relationship; I wasn’t giwun (given) the opportunity to defend or beg or insult her family. To me, it was just a very good strategy, she had prior knowledge of my airtimeless data less situation, and she gave me Le perfect radio (one sided) break up.

End of breakup, deleted text, channels opened (slowly) up back, situation stabilizing, and somehow, that episode happened to have nodged my recessive nature to wake up.. Please, if you (ladies) are reading this, it’s safer for you not to believe me when I’m toasting u. Either of us starts catching feels, I automatically enter passive disappearance mode; commitment level is Zilch.

Thank you Mary, really appreciate the making me a fallen angel.

N.B: You can share your sexcapades, brutal heartbreaks here on Tales of Yoruba Demons series. Buzz me up on WhatsApp (08077297598), and all will be kept anonymous.


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