The year is up and it’s time for a Credit Roll.

This time around though, it will be a bit different. I guess I should lecture the wannabe Entrepreneurs and Consultants out there, because honestly, I learned the hard way (Diamond hard). Before the lessons, this year alone, I found and lost love, then salvaged what was left before extinction. We inspired and was inspired, we were creditors and debtors, we lived up to our words and fell short of promises. All in all, we (Ego and Alter Ego) are grateful.

The year began a bit rough, counting losses from a scam on me by an old friend, figures in the 6figure range. Then I dusted myself up and double up on the business and it was recovered and the product even gotten.

The year could not be any finer. A new client called in all the way from Abuja; a Senator in the lotto business, seeking to ReBrand his business and I came highly recommended from a colleague of his. Being that naïve, I spilled all beans before an agreement was reached. I was then expecting an agreement, it never came I was left with (forgive my French) “my d**k in my hands”. He implemented and business is a lot better. No Alert.

Then came the NGO from Ibadan that was going to close up shop in 2months due to financial problems. Then after a 45mins meeting of (naivety) sharing possible ideas, its been 7months ago since 2months was up and they’re still in business. No Alert..

More like that happened as the year went by and it was around September I decided to Consult for my business and I came up with a solution which ensures I get paid even before idea is shared; I usually just listen at meetings and talk less, I’m not going to try to impress you by offering Intellectual Property for free.

About now, I’m in the same position as I was this time last year, outstanding hasn’t been paid, debts as high a tsunami, ideas everywhere like Harmattan breeze, but, I know it can only get better. Lessons learned, mistakes noted, corrections made and this piece was written vie my phone as we can’t afford a MagSafe 2.

Cheers to 2015🍷 for Lessons not taught in schools. If its any consolation though, the positive side of these events just prove that I’m good at what I do :'(. As for 2016 Bi o salert, Mi o se nathing.

*Sips Coffee*.

PS: Shout out to Mr. Wilkey (Elite Butcher of Lagos State) for keeping it real and Dillllllllloooooooo for holding me down with financial advises.. Another to Dr. Amifash for the investment, dividend + interest is on the way. To Rimkash for bringing the elite clients, to Kvng Brainard for being a Real G, the usual posse and the new colleagues..


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