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Wraths of The Avengers

Yesterday was another day which Lagosians for the first time witnessed the wrath of the avengers, only this time, it was brought upon the BRT buses along the Ikorodu-Yaba axis.

A bus had earlier been involved in an accident with a motorcycle/okada(which had been banned from highways) which was ridden by a military personnel, on the BRT lane (designated for only the BRT buses), where the rider lost his life. As news of his death filtered to his colleagues, they geared up, and answered to a call of duty to avenge the death of one of their own, took to the highway in their dozens to vandalise and burn BRT buses, beat up the drivers, innocent bystanders and even sent a journalist to the emergency ward.
Now this went on for hours and the order didn’t come from a commanding officer neither was Lagos at that time in a state of Emergency. This shows the height of lawlessness and lackadaisical behaviours in our military structure. No superior officer could put them in check before it turned to a war zone, the Commandant of whichever base they came from had no control over his boys neither does his boys fear his authority. So months (recruits) and years (officers) of training is all a waste when they have no self-control and have no respect for constitutional laws like traffic laws. If the late soldier had obeyed 3 laws (ban on okada, use of helmet, and use of BRT lane) he just might be alive today, but no, he’s not a bloody civilian and has no right to obey rules set by civilians.
Military or Civilian, we need to recognise the fact that we are all citizens of Nigeria, which automatically means you fall under constitutional rights (although it varies from their judiciary laws) meaning once you are amongst civilians, you breathe, drive, walk and interact like a civilian. That you are a man of uniform does not warrant you to be a pompous ignorant and mistreat defenseless people like weaklings. Yes, your job is to protect us, but that doesn’t give you the right to also bully us and believe you can walk on water when around civilians.
Yesterdays incident says a lot about where we still are:
1) The military need to get in line
2) Obey simple traffic rules, they are made to save lives not show class or authority
3) The commanding officers of the men on the highway should be martialed as well as all the soldiers.
4) The Enemy is not a BRT bus, it is Boko Haram in possession of lives you swore to protect in a forest and incinerating thousands more.
God help us all..

Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son, not Edited nor proof read, just poured out. safe


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