SERIES: The Bank Robbery: Ball in Motion (4)


The probability that people are watching you depends on the stupidity of your actions

“I like the sound of the plan. Just that we need to fully investigate some points” Bode spoke “I’m in”. “Let’s do this!” Sukanmi exclaimed, he fills 2 new cups and the 3 raise their glasses “Everything or Nothing!!” They swallowed in one drink.
It had dawned to them that they needed quite a lot of gear worth more than a million naira, they decided to go the old fashion way and made a list;
1) Firepower (3 rifles, 3 pistols)
2) 6 dynamite sticks
3) Get away vehicle
4) 3 grade III Kevlar vests
5) 6 Duffle bags and Radio comms.
They memorised the list and referred to every item as the number they appear so 1 became firepower and 2 became dynamite and so on. They decided to spend money only on the untraceable stuffs no.3 and 5, and called in favours for the remainder of the items. Deomi spoke with a former hood pal whom he helped out of a tight angle some years back, who now worked in the Quarry to help with no.2, he came through with it. Sunkanmi worked on some of his ‘Fayawo (car smugglers)’ hood pals and arranged a tinted Hiace bus for half a mil (N500,000). Bode being the poshest amongst them somehow got nos.1 and 4, he still won’t tell them how till tomorrow. Item 5 were picked up at the Ikeja Shopping Mall.
They moved on to casing the bank and environs for 3months. Bullion van came in unescorted every 10 working days, traffic was still heavy around cement down to GSM village, the other MOPOL for the other 2 banks are always extremely late (Might not need to worry about them) and also leaves us with an option to enter as MOPOL officers, again Bode arrange the uniforms for them.
“We come in public transport, the 2 of you take care of the MOPOL officers, and then Sunkanmi will move on to make sure the lone officer in the van is also made unproductive, I make a hole in the side entrance taking care of the unarmed security in the hall, Bode then moves in from the door and join me in the hall in calming the customers especially the hurt ones. At that moment we have 15minutes to leave the bank, because I’ll call in ambulance services by the 12th. The fun thing is drivers will abandon their vehicles at the sound of the explosion, so we enter 3 separate vehicles and head for the rendezvous point. Make the home run”


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