READ: The BC III: Ebola Outbreak (Fact or Fraud)


I woke up 0n 8th of August to the BCs of salt water treatment for Ebola, so I decided to take a survey, so I started mine

The Federal Government of Nigeria has released
an official statement that it has released a proposed
cure for Ebola. The gas ‘DeEBOLAriser’ is currently in the Lagos
atmosphere, Lagosians are advised to added salt to drinking
and bathing water to avoid side effects of the said gas.
Save a life today. Ministry”

Roughly 2mins later, i started receiving my message back as BCs despite the error in the message. Even Life Science graduates were also guilty of this crime, and we Nigerians by default are naive, although educated we are still ignorant as we can’t apply our knowledge in daily activities. Why would you in your right mind consume that quantity of salt; as a qualified secondary school graduate, you must have come across hypertonic and hypotonic solutions in Biology, and as illiterates, you should know why you salt fishes and meat beef before sun drying. Knowing all these things, people went ahead to consume salts and as a result lives were lost in other parts of the country.

So is there really Ebola in this country?

The above question requires a number of thoughts before a proper answer is given.
1. March: Ebola breaks out in Guinea
2. May: It moves to the border countries i.e Sierra Leone and Liberia
3. July: It jumps 3 neighbouring countries and attacks Lagos.

So far, we watch foreign news, we heard about the unique cases of infection of the US doctor and the UK lady also, their pictures are everywhere, their names age, family pictures are everywhere. Since its inception in this country, only the picture and name of Sawyer is all we know. Doctors and nurses are infected, who are they in our society? Only the Federal Ministry of Health knows them.

We didn’t know how to test for Ebola and somehow, a man coming from Liberia dies and its concluded that Ebola that killed him. The symptoms were not there, he just collapsed, no hemorrhage (hospital released a statement on a sunday that he had the Ebola symptoms , but still he died and Ebola killed him.
The chat below states that one suffers bleeding and brain damage at about the same time, yet he jumped from day 7-9 to part 11/death.. Amazing!!

The points are endless, but I believe its a distraction from the real problem; CHIBOK GIRLS. Yep! Those girls still languish at the hands of Boko Haram.

Lagos is the headquarter of the social media campaign for the #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS movement, Ebola was planted and it all drifted into the winds. The essence of investigative journalism is gone, as our journalist now end up as bloggers, no need to really confirm the truth. No insider stories, pictures of the victims and the quarantine and its location. NOTHING!!! Shame.. And when did we start believing the Federal Authority in this country, Ebola patient dies in Lagos, Federal Ministry of Health holds a press conference to give us this information in Abuja. Is it that Lagos Ministry of Health is docile?

So far we’ve lost Dr. Adadevoh (seriously?!) and we can’t find his relatives in Lagos, but we some how found Sawyer’s wife in US? Journalism gone rogue.

Food for thought. SAFE


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