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This epistle is about an ongoing church building that began 7years ago.

In 2010, after about two years of prior donations to the Construction of a new Church building (N500Million) by the congregation of my birth church, St. John de Evangelist Catholic Church Oshodi (yes I’m Catholic.. Kee yasef), the old church was bulldozed and mass was moved to a temporary constructed building prior to the completion of the church in 20months (4months shy of 2years).

It’s been 7years, and the completion of the New Church building is still about 65% complete. Why? Obvious corruption.

The former Chairman of the Church’s Building Committee‘s (was replaced mid-last year) first appearance about 9years ago is still very visible in my memory (I revisit it every other night); he was wearing a below average native, had this sparsely polished cheap pam slipper and he was quite unkempt like every other broke fella from Oshodi. My next sighting of this bloke on the altar was in 2013 (had my run around for churches and ended up back in Catholic), bloke was all Gold chain, Gold ring, aviator specs, BGrade ankara, real leather Pam slipper, chubby cheeks. The following Sunday, he went on to some A Grade Guinea, and somehow, people still had to continue to donate during Masses, during retreats, station of the Cross, and every other church program. From that Month until every other moment I decide to go for Mass, he never repeated a bloody native and he acquired more specs as well as a Silver chain and another gold ring. He opened up a shop for his wife on my Father’s street and she sells expensive shii (minimum of clothing of 5k for kids to 8k for adults); that’s expensive in my hood. At least that’s obvious where the funds came from.

Last Sunday (Yesterday), I went for Mass (second time this year) and I had the worst Mass yet. The newly appointed Chairman came out for the first time (he wasn’t in my line of sight) and was tiptoeing around asking for more church donations, then called the Rev to come talk to the congregation, which was already pre-arranged.

Rev came up and went on about coming out to put down names in a book, which he later referred to a the book of life (baba is obviously not well), so they’d be reached during the following week as to how tey can assist the church; Advice, suggestions, ideas, consultation, money (came up last in the list). Then went on about the the installation of toilet as well as acquisition, N7Million, then the already wired church building with overhead cable needs to be buried underground so the toilets will function properly, cost for the burial ceremony of the cable, N10Million. Then a total of about N190Million for the overall completion of the church since it was N100Million when USD was N280, hence the increase in the final figure.

Now I wonder, help me wonder as well please. Is it that the Catholic Archdiocese don’t help contribute to construction of Church buildings or the leave the whole lot to the Particular church? Also, are the congregation so gullible or brainwashed by what’s going on in their Parish? Or is it not obvious that Uncle Reverend Father is involved in this lotto?

I still remember the construction of the bell tower, which was already in the building plan for N5Million back in 2015, then Stained glass for about N3Million, and Doors for another N5Million, and all I saw in church was sliding Windows and not the usual Saintly art in the Glasses. What a Wawu..

Is it also my Parish or Nigerian Parishes that there’s a second collection? In the Catholic Church? First Collection that goes to the Archdiocese and they decide who gets what, and they use funds from bigger parishes to support smaller ones. This second collection goes not beyond the church, and the choir goes all praise style during this collection that people don’t even go for first offering but go for Second collection as special prayers and holy water will be said and sprayed on the donors of the second collection.

Now this is a whole doctrine and it has been so corrupted that people see it as normal and yet, this post will acquire negative reviews and insults. We are corrupt in this country and yet we defend its perpetrators and the act staunchly with so much rightful feeling about it we do not know it’s morally and legally wrong.

This post is dedication to late pops who spent his entire last years devoting himself to the parish as well as donating to the church building and causing him to fault in his fatherhood duties and at the end of the day was denied full Catholic burial by the same Parish.

What a waste!!!

We are a tard close to hopelessness in this country..


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