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We all know there is a canker worm in our Beloved Nation today which is the Boko Haram sect. A set of people that as of this moment do not know what they are fighting for again, they now go on meaningless violence. Killing children and women in the name of God and whatever cause they fight for (I’m sure they can’t tell us what they are fighting for). I don’t know who will incur such hate (not the God I serve) and slaughter secondary school students? Children that cannot defend themselves.

In an effort to rid our Nation of this disease, the President decided to negotiate with pathogens to stop killing and attacking the organs of the Nation else he will use medication on them (Force),  negotiation failed. He then decide to apply medication by declaring State of Emergency in about 5 states, that also didn’t work (either due to wrong prescription or expired drugs). Now he wants to go back to “DIALOGUE ( a literary and theatrical form consisting of a written or spoken conversational exchange between two or more {“dia” means through or across} people)” and I wonder what he has as leverage. Nothing.

To me, anyone or group of persons that decide to fight for a cause through violence to Children and the defenseless, and leave the security forces and those that caused their problems are not rebels, they are terrorists and animals. You never negotiate with a terrorist because he derives happiness in terrorizing people and he himself on the long run cannot justify his actions again and he will use the ultimate justification, GOD. Such scums of creation are to be extinguished from existence, I don’t see why one will decide to mobilize people and attack students in their sleep and say “GOD commanded it” because he knows God won’t come down and defend himself against such accusations and when the authorities come knocking down his doors, he’ll be found saying his rites for forgiveness of sins et al. To the President, it is evident that our security forces can’t rid this Nation of these plague, there’s nothing bad in yelling “wolf”. Ask for help from more experienced Governments on how to rid the whole body of this cancer, there’s no shame in it.

They now know that your worst could not harm them, so we are at a loss negotiating, because it is either we give them all they want which is ubiquitous and impossible, they will never compromise since you can’t harm them. This is my own opinion and I’m sure a large percentage of the population agrees with it. Safe


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