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Year 2000 came; I left Iseyin for the first time in search for a degree in Geology. Adesuwa had left Iseyin 9years earlier upon the passing of her Grandfather and her Uncle (her father’s younger brother) had laid claim to the throne since her father was abroad, she had moved away without saying goodbye.

It was in the university I discovered my accent wasn’t quite normal to people especially my 3 other roommates and they all made fun of it, except for my Ibo bunk mate, EMEKA aka Emekus who on the other hand mixed English and pidgin with his Yoruba and the only word he pronounced properly in Yoruba was “Aaniyawere (We won’t run mad)”. He was from a well to do family, lived in Lagos, had a vehicle as a student and brought me up to speed with social life outside Iseyin as well as the slangs, not forgetting his experience in the martial arts as well.

School was quite difficult, both academically and socially. The other students found my accent funny and the fact that I mainly spoke in my native tongue had them avoiding me. I was called all sorts of Nouns and Adjectives such as; Razz or Razz Guy, Bushwack and my personal favorite “ara forestry”. Anyways, there was this girl I crushed on, her name, ABISOLA “BISOLA” SIWONIKU, mainly because of her accent (IJEBU), asides the fact that everything was in slo-mo whenever she walked in to the lecture room (she was the reason for my being early to lectures so I could watch her walk in) and she was the reason for the word “BEAUTIFUL”. You must be wondering how I ended up with such beauty…

It was about 9pm and I was headed back to the hostel when I heard a cry for help, I traced it and saw 3 figures, 2 guys about to rape a girl. I charged in without accessing the situation, whether they had weapons or they were as big as trees. I rushed into the guy that was standing guard, and slammed him instantly and in a flash I was up and attacked the other guy man-handling the girl, put him on his back and started to pound away with punches. The other culprit recovered from the slam and grabbed both my hands and the one being pounded got up and turned me to a punching bag till I dropped on my knees and they both started the mob beating, and the girl kept screaming for them to stop hitting me. It was at this point I heard a whistle (very familiar one) and I was glad to know Emeka was around, he joined in the fight and kicked both their arses. The boys took off and it was then I realized the girl had been tending to me while I watched Emeka fend off my attackers she turned out to be Bisola. Well that was the turning point for me, the mean taunts became friendly, the girls wanted to date me while the boys wanted to associate with me, lecturers helped me, Bisola was my girlfriend and our love grew.

Final year was in session; I decided to spend some time with Bisola at her hostel and Emeka decided to tag along. She had another occupant when we got there whom she said was her cousin and her name was DEOLA, we made ourselves at home and we were conversing about the party and other things while Emeka was setting “P” with the cousin (trying to woo her). Emeka then called “AYANGALU! Sebi lefe sun si ni? Let us malo joor (Are going to sleep here? Lets be on our way)”. Deola then asked “Rotimi Ayangalu?” “Beeni (Yes)” I replied “Sa mora ri? (Have we met?)” She jumped on me with a hug and left the 3 of us in the room confused. “Emi ni. Emi Adesuwa (It is I, Adesuwa)”. I was shocked and pushed her back to get a good look, lo and behold it really was Adesuwa


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