READ: The Great Divide

We all know that Nigeria is a country of multiple beliefs and religions; namely Christian, Islam, Traditional beliefs, and atheists . We are allowed the right to practice our various religious rites as long as human sacrifice is not involved and property is not lost.

 Our great Nation has various offices headed by peoples of different beliefs, and our constitution was written and is still amended by a committee of people with different beliefs and moral variety. We have different opinions on how many spouses one is to have, morality towards abortion, tattoos and body piercing, right or left handedness, etc.

The above will be discussed later in other articles, but today’s article is about the homosexuals amongst us. Homosexuality is caused by genetic and environmental factors (according to Wikipedia and both factors are yet to be pin-pointed, but what is known is that psychological intervention in both cases does not work; hence it is natural. In other words as there are dwarves, midgets, and giants in the physical variation of humans, so also do we have the sexual, homosexual and heterosexual variation in our sexual orientations.

 Our religious beliefs are against it, but we need to remember that it is not Jerusalem and Mecca that is ruling this country, or it is the foundation of Nigeria. We run a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, so the line between religious beliefs or superstitions and polity is not a fine line, but a line as wide as the Lagos lagoon. When it comes to constitutional matters and arguments, our leaders will be quoting their holy books and the various morals they teach.

  When two gay people tie the knot, will the economy shutdown? Will there be a violent riot or civil war? Will the world come to an end? These things are trivial issues and not something that will raise an eyebrow. All the holy books and religious morality that we use in arguing also stated that there is a hell where all who go against its rules and regulation will go to, and our different gods and God happen to give us free will to decide which we want to head to, why then do you hinder these people their happiness on earth? We all know that amongst these lawmakers we have Christians and Muslims who know that stealing is a crime against God and Man, yet they indulge in taking the masses wealth and become a scorn to those who seek justice brought to them and hence they promote to murder etc. It is no man’s business where another man or woman decides to put his penis or vagina, and who that person decides to spend the rest of their life with as far as no human life is or property is lost.

  This is not Vatican city where the Bible and Roman Catholic morals are the constitution, neither is it UAE where the Koran and Islamic morals are the constitution. This a country with over 100 religions and over 250 ethnic groups and languages yet we have decided to run on the foundation of only 2 religions, need I remind you of the era of the catholic rule when the world was not round and there where no other planets and the solar system was a thing of the devil, that civilization collapsed because it was too rigid and was built on the beliefs written in a Holy Book and they denied each human the right to free will, which God has given us all. We better start learning to accept them as they are and give them the right to marry each other, because they are not going anywhere, and there is no cure for homosexuality because its not a disease. Understand that standing against homosexual marriage equal to passing an adultery or fornication law also. What do you think?


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  1. Xerxes says:

    Yea, the country isn’t The Vatican or Saudi. I believe laws like that are based on the religious and/or cultural stands of the country. There are sentiments behind most laws in this country. They can’t go anywhere, and it’s not a disease. But the Nigerian society doesn’t welcome them. There’s very little you can do about that. Till then, let the 14 years be 14 years.

  2. As Much as I don’t like gay guys…..This is d Truth right Here! Kudos to d brain behind dis writeUp!!! (Y)

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