READ: The Greatest Show on Earth (Campaign Kick-off)

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another edition of The Greatest Show on Earth! I’m your host Naija, and I’ll be taking you through, as usual, exhilarating performances by various actors.

Campaign has kicked off and some have hit the ground running will others who showed interest in running have dropped from the race after a bit of crowdfunding and are now backing other runners 😩.

The fight against insurgency is now being politicised and the Insurgents are now releasing videos of their attacks on the Nation’s Army. A war that was once said to have been won, and $1Billion was borrowed from foreign organisation to this effect. God rest the souls of the fallen heroes.

New sets of promises are now being made, whilst old ones are yet to be fulfilled; power, N5,000 to unemployed youths, reduced Fuel price, Refineries, Health care, so on so forth.

Opponents are now capitalising on these same issues they lost the elections on in the first place, proffering solutions (which the incumbent did back then as well), assuring us of better outcome (which the incumbent did also) to the welfare and wellbeing of the average Nigeria. If you ask me, doing the same thing every time and expecting a different result is insanity (voters’ cue).

As usual, we still have other options but at the end of the day, we go for the same set of choices we’ve had since 1999.

Ah yes, let’s not forget the Ebutte Meta fine boy running as well, I’d pretty much like to watch a debate for all these offices though for people to actually make their choices though. This is Nigeria, where policies don’t matter, put money in the right places and support is garnered like a boosted Facebook post; in the words of Olamide “won ra YouTube views”

That the elections will hold on Feb 19th, to me is unlikely, men will push it for the sake of finally preparations to ensure a free and fair election; pun intended.

To the Hacker Yusuf, ekuse oluwa oo. Put your skills in the right place, Blackmailing issa Crime.

Until next time folks.



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