READ: The Greatest Show on Earth

Lately, this country has been a show for the audience (it’s citizen to behold), and elections are less than a year away, so the scriptwriters and actors are just playing every possible card available to stay relevant and win votes.

The power has returned to electorates and everyone is running heater-skelter; projects are being completed, bills are being passed and declined, salary arrears and pensions are being attended to, promises are being made, and counter promises as well are not left out of the frenzy.

The President went ahead to label the majority of his population as lazy and uneducated at an International forum, he has refused to apologise, because in our culture and way of thinking, your elder’s are never wrong. One way or another, his right hand man, the V.P disagrees with him (not openly or directly) on a Platform recently.

The Legislative arm is not left out, as well as the Judicial. A senator is in a puddle of mess with the police, being arrested, attempting a daring escape by jumping out a moving vehicle, then being arraigned to court in stretcher, narrowly escaping a recall by his electorates, and is only on stretchers in public and in the court of law.  We also must not forget a Governor of an entire state, awarding education ambassadorship to the winner of a reality tv show which the bulk of students in the state (primary and secondary) were not legally allowed to watch because of its ratings.  Then the money house, the bank of the federation was on fire, and we were told it was smoke from the generator, which, makes me ask if its coal the generator uses as fuel.

Then the grim bit in which people are killed everyday since January One till Date in the middle belt area due to Herdsmen and Boko Haram, thousands have been ejected from their homes because of these herders and the president went ahead to not comment on the issue until priests were killed and then he went ahead to blame the only blameless person by referring to the killings as Satanic. Thank God that man had people who stood up for him this time and rebuked him for saying their master had a hand in such killings, whereas, the killers and victims were of different religions and none of which was satanism.

We should also mention how the First Lady criticised her husband’s administration then went ahead to give him accolades for visiting USA which at one point in time seems to be part of his job description as the leader of a country. Then the leader never absorbs any blame, but would rather throw his predecessors and members of his administration under the bus, and not forgetting that some members of this team include dead people and prisoners serving jail time currently, what a plot twist. Then there was the singing Senator, then a dancing one as well, the the Thug Life Senator that came to kidnap the Mace in broad daylight with just 2 unarmed accomplices.

The President was once ejected from his office by rats, a snake swallowed a shitload of cash, and a monkey made away with a bag of money. The President also bought a reconnaissance plane for over $400m which isn’t part of his job description. Finally, the 76year old President, is seeking re-election

We can not but just endure this 4year long Show, we will just have to sit back and grab our popcorns and PVC. Hopefully, we get to do better for ourselves by voting in the right people for the sake of our future.


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