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No longer news that Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa. This has had lots of criticism, just as every other declaration made by this administration so far, more particularly those made by Madam Ngozi. The 1 question asked after the “Rebase (The Bloody does it mean?)” of our GDP to errr $500 Billion by potential investors and patriotic Nigerians is “Are the figures shady?” Just before I add my answer, here’s a tale.

Woke up to the news of Nigeria being the largest economy in Africa. I was happy that we are moving forward, when it was only less than a month ago fuel was scarce, which was immediately followed by a price hike in commodities, only Gala reduced the length of its beef sausage. Scarcity reverted, prices soon followed, only Gala didn’t change (Hoping my 1gala 1lacasera peoples can testify to this). Obviously only one thing was on my mind “Gala is gonna be normal again”, 72hrs later, went to purchase Gala, only for it to still be the same :'( . I also noticed everything/commodity was still the same price and quantity, nothing had changed at all.
Now that we have Half a Trillion Dollars in our market, the common man can’t feel the change. GDP can’t just go from less than 300 to over 500 billion and the common man won’t feel it. Guessing your defense will be “It is not used to measure the standard of living”, but I tell you that when the GDP increases significantly, the common man will eat well with his tiny income. Electricity is still the same sorry case, ASUP still on strike, ASUU claiming to be swindled, 49billion sorry.. 20billion, amean 10billion dollars still missing in the NNPC, Boko Haram still a major threat, corrupt ministers refused to resign (no shame at all), President still hasn’t spent a whole week in the country, and Gala is still smaller, with all these we happen to be buoyant and also the largest economy in Africa.
If nothing is surprising, it should be the fact that we Nigerians are gifted in Figures Engineering and I will like to chip in a live jamb question If Ngozi rebased d ecomomy to $500B & Lucky took credit, calculate d area of Banky W’s head?. Food for thought, so to the very first question, my answer is provided on the President’s reply to Amanpour’s allegations “That, is not, korrectt”.
Happy Easter and holidays. Safe
Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son, not Edited nor proof read, just poured out. safe


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