READ: The Neigbour’s Dog

Young man changed his fortress of solace to a new neighbourhood in Lagos last week, and it was (and still is) a wonderful experience. The best of all is the new neighbour’s dog, a mixed breed of these handy usually white furred lady dogs and an Alsatian.

This dog (yet to know his name) belongs to the old landlady of the house next door. It barked at anything. The bark could be heard at every room of the house and it was a hard discomforting at some points, and at other points, it served as doorbell for those knocking on my compound’s gate; yes, the dog in the next compound barks when someone knocks my gate.

Anyways, the gist started on 24th when the landlady’s children came around with her grandkids and shipped in a bull, as well as pepper, tomato, moi moi leaves, efo, and ewedu leaves. *wipes off single tear*  The turn up was scheduled for 26th and the dog was on a barking spree because of the cow from the delivery of the bull, until 26th.

Headed out as well for a turn up on the 26th, came back at night to a soothing silence in the neighbourhood. It didn’t hit me until i came out the following morning (27th) around 9am to find my neighbour’s dog was still sleeping (baba had plenty to eat the previous day). And so the silence went on all through 27th.

So its the same way you end strike in Nigeria, you get to silence a dog as well.. or maybe its the dog’s way of telling the cow “Iwo?! Moti yo danu danu (You?! I’ll be well fed )”.

I didn’t say anything she and didn’t name names.

Happy New Year in Advance


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