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It was a day on which I wasn’t prepared for anything, when a client called me up (8am) to make a presentation/lecture for his employees (9am) on Loss Management, I’m like (Church Agbasana),
flew in and out of the bathroom, into a corporate outfit, picked my copy of the report I had earlier compiled and submitted to him and blazed out of the house and went though the report while in the bus. 30mins later I was staring in the faces of about 20 peoples of different qualifications and job description, lecturing them on pilferage, its adverse effect on the company and steps their management is willing to take against them if they are caught. It was glorious, for an unprepared man.
    That is not even close to the point I’m trying to make. I got a call from one of the upcoming artistes on my blog (Zona P) later that day while in a meeting with a client, requesting my availability in order to meet some of his posse, told him I’d call him once I’m home. Now on getting home, I called this fella and told him I was home, told me to come meet him at a studio and I’m like “Tha Blood!” In my mind. Dressed up again and went to meet him with “Tha Fxxx does he have to offer me”. He introduced me to some young guys (all 25 below) and together they called themselves MHB meaning Money Has Bowed.
They ran the studio and they comprised of the resident producer, Myk-Phils, who is also an artiste, Zona P, and the 2 other other guys who run the show. I had a discussion with this other other guys and I realised something, that there is still hope for our generation. They are hungry for fame and glory, they are young and they believe nothing is impossible. I like their dictum which makes one around them realise they know what they want. I decided to work with them and help in every area. This is certain tho, do not be surprised when you hear MHB is selling faster than Omo, remember nothing is impossible…
To the other other guys, I doff my hat. Their studio is open to everyone and very affordable for more info, @dgrandmasta and @kellykool1212 on twitter… What this space for their debut track “Friday Note ft. ZonaP – Myk-Phils” #MHB train

Aniyaweere.. Safe

Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son, not Edited nor proof read, just poured out. safe


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