READ: The Pursuit Of Happiness: The Bigger The Bully, The More The Beat

Life is a sojourn of the bully and the bullied. Bullying on the other hand is the first born son of the Classed society: Haves & Have Nots, Rich & Poor etc. It could be inflicted by oneself or by another.

Whilst growing up, bullying tends to be violent acts; slaps, knock arounds etc. Then it gradually evolves into name callings and insult, then among those kids in the same class, a Caste system is immediately built; the Haves, the Have nots and the Takers. The takers are usually kids from the ghetto with rough homes and neighbourhood.

Then the ultimate bullying is the Successful vs. Failed bullying. Where finances and status quo is the tool used.

The journey from grass to Grace is no joke for kids from poor homes. You will be bullied (almost) all your life and its almost too easy to let it ride you out of focus.
Take a brilliant and/or intelligent kid from a poor home is being bullied for looking weird and small as well as his parents financial debacle. He decides to beat down the bullies by bettering his own finances which leads to healthy eating and onwards to go looks, whilst his bully has shifted his focus on riding out the kid. Kid turns out successful and better placed than the bully, and he becomes the “Person wey I dey slap for head when we dey school” kid to the bully.
Then he moves on to bigger bullies, which require a lot much effort and a little bit of bullying of others to beat down the bigger bully. You should know that the riding from such bullies are quite hefty and you probably see on a daily basis; your supervisor or boss. You overcome and become an entrepreneur, welcome to a new world of bullies. Until you get to the top of the food chain, at this point they respect your ‘hustle’ and they celebrate your story, and title your biography with epic titles and you a hero et al.

” You are born into this world, you take shit.
You go out into the world, you take more shit.
You go up in the world, you keep taking shit.
One day, when at the top, you begin to wonder what shit tastes like.” – Layer Cake

” The Bigger the bully, the more the beat..” is a line from the famous Tunechi’s John Song ft. Rick Ross Never ever lose sight of your objectives and goals. Safe


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