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Every being believes he or she is special or meant to be a rare case of enigma in a lifetime, hence the self proclamations, boastings, lies et al we put in just to chase the believed source of happiness; MONEY

Now the average Nigerian (about 80% of the population) believes PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is a Metaphor for hardwork and paper Chasing (Hustling). Well, it may seem so from every angle and yet it still isn’t. Now, how to place and state my point seems to be a debacle at this point, but I’ve come to realize NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, so I guess at one point you’ll be on the same page with me (#Osheey Pager).

In my short 25years and some months alive, hustling isn’t the only source of happiness, companionship is also one of it. This article isn’t here to discourage or motivate (#Osheey Fela Durotoye) you, but to clarify that companionship i.e Friendship, Boy-girl relations, Family is also a part of happiness as well as being ambitious and the bravery to do what it is that gives you the satisfaction of being alive day after day; not like you’re going to get out of life alive, then why so serious and be unhappy. The feeling of being accomplished is the greatest one of them all.

I just decided to make this article a series, were I’ll pick each source of happiness and will elaborate properly on each so as not to make the article a boring one. I’ll just summarise each of these pointers prior its proper breakdown.

Nothing ever happens in your comfort zone, to make a change or make a point you must leave your hallowed COMFORT ZONE. Now the above applies in any and every aspect of your life.

Now, to be able to call something a CELEBRATION or to CELEBRATE a good news or something good, a minimum of TWO (2) people will be required. Even the YAHOO BOYS know this.

Your definition of a WEALTHY/SUCCESSFUL being is someone who didn’t miss an opportunity. We forget opportunities could actually be created and not only seized.

To you all who, play with your relationship and fly your partners like Kite because of minimal presence or poor credits, your stories usually end with knowing the value of what you had when it went.

Sit tight, brew yourself a cup of coffee (for your hangover) and properly follow this series and give yourself some self education. Safe


Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son. Not Proofread or Edited


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