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The Human mind they say, is a web of emotions. What fuels every emotion is mostly external factors, sometimes, the internal can be quite damning

The rabbit hole, a metaphor for the emotional graveyard which promotes conscious intentional reckless behaviour, or, finding solace in bottles, and seeking fufilment in near adrenaline pumped behaviour, and take risky business decisions just to grief.

I recently wondered into a rabbit hole where I was kept company by Johns (Original Choice V.S.O.P), Johnnie (Red Label), Wild Turkey (American Honey), Ciroc Vodka. These fellas where my friends for 12 straight days. I had no hangover in those 12days, as my dosage was 2 glasses per 3-4 hours a day. 48hours after my last shot, I had this HangOver from hell: eyes couldn’t take the Sunlight (So much sensitivity). Had to down Ampethamines to wad off the migraine and had a normal day.

I found solace in work. It took my mind off the grief, then I had to return for classes, Lawd knows that didn’t help in anyway, and I picked up those 4 earlier mentioned friends along the way. It took an old friend and a Lady (now a special one) to pull me out of this Hole. I had burn through about Quartamil already and till date, I can’t and won’t reveal how it got burned.

Its been a crazy past 2 months and I pulled through. It’s the reason for my absence, and the only thing I could write about was my messed up extended family, and I really needed not to do that, hence my absence until the poem by MaryJane softened up my anger and made me let my illegal extended family issue lie.

Guess the road to Life goes on has begun, and memories shall be fondly reminisced on.. R.I.P G.O.S II aka Baba Pension


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  1. Tunji Odunmbaku says:

    La-One,your grief and loss could not be atoned by any indulgence in spirit! Just be yourself and be strong in faith the God will console and comfort you and the loved ones Baba left behind! I am with you as always. May his soul find eternal rest in His bosom. Amen.

    1. La-One says:

      Thank You very much Sir. Always appreciated you for being a father figure even before his demise. God Bless your home Sir.

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