READ: The Revival (Noise Pollution)

This country shaaa!

Had a rough day at work yesterday, and had some good vibes from Bad Meets Evil enroute home to cheer me up and lifted my spirit to the Life gat nothing on me feeling, only for me to get home and meet madness.

The church adjacent my house, decided to have a service not in the church building nor the compound, but on the street. Yeop, in front of the house, and guess what? Yeop!!! Like every other Nigerian Church, the had a concert setup for a less than 30 people crowd. It was LOUDDD!! *sobs*.

Amean (I mean), its bad enough TGIF was not good, they had to drown me in their noise. Inside the apartment, I could neither make calls nor receive any due to the magnitude of the noise. Loud, is an understatement. I, with a regular routing of sleeping within 45mins of returning home from work, we did that service together ni o. Although mine was ears plugged watching Blackish episodes till the torture ended 3 hours later.

Its like religion has got us all mad in this country that nothing else matters, until you disturb your neighbourhood before they know you are worshipping God. Why? Nigeria is not a Christian nor Islamic Nation, so why must we disturb everyone with our beliefs? Mosques are not loud in Islamic countries (I stand corrected), neither are churches this loud in countries that exported Christianity to us, so why be foolish in the name of serving God?

This one Lagos State is looking for more revenue, rather than increase Land Use by 400%, why not fine religious institutions for disturbance. At least, they are immune to task and Government oversight, at least, they should know when to respect taxpayers’ peace and quiet. My proposition is that erring bodies will pay N50,000 for a first offence, then a ten fold (N500,000) for a second offence, another 10 fold (N5,000,000) for a third time and so on and so forth, in no time, we will be civilised. How can you have only 20 people in the church, and you will be using Microphone, your drum sets and keyboard also use amplifiers? Amean (I mean), ati mad gaan ni country yi mehn, all in the name of making heaven.

Ministry of Environment (State and Federal), please look into this, also, people should go for psychiatry evaluation before they are allowed to register and start their ministry, because the God I serve will not call a mad man to lead his sheeps. Infact we should all get Psyche Evaluation self, I think the frustration has gotten to everyone in Nigeria.

Educated and Uneducated (rough diamonds) literates will get where I’m coming from and the educated and uneducated illiterates won’t get it and scream Blasphemy, you will burn ati bebelo. Edakun, its not your blasphemy, neither is it your burn. I cannot be a human being and not enjoy peace and quiet in my house. Well, its not kudu their faults, if this was a great country, who will have time to come for midweek service, when you have two or three jobs to go to.

To cap it all up, baba (Oluso) asked congregation to bring their Owo ope (thanksgiving), owo ile ijosin (church building), owo idamewa (tithe), ati owo offering. Crooks everywhere. *sighs*. Talking about collecting destinies back that night after the money collections. Ati ya were se.

Incase you know how I can report this Revivalists, please, help a brother and point me in the right direction so mans can rest after hustle.



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