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I recently took to the road to school to resume for a re-education in a new field of study. Happy it was finally coming to pass, I decided to take a bus down from a temporary lodge down to the campus to confirm my status so I could go ahead to pay the fee and proceed with registration of courses.
I entered the bus, the driver says they (buses) aren’t allowed to go in, I’m like “No problem, let’s go”. The gate was locked and barricaded by students on Wednesday 18 June, who seemed to be protesting the increment of their fees from a region of below N10,000-N15,000 to about N20,000-N50,000 for the returning students. On entering the campus, roadblocks had been mounted in strategic places there was no movement for vehicles only commercial motorcycles (Okada) well allowed to ply certain routes by the students.
On seeing these things, what came to my mind was the fact that these students are on the wrong side of this argument as students of one of the best Tertiary Education in the country pay a sum of less than N10,000 for about 15years. We know how many inflation has occurred in our economy e.g Petrol has gone from N20-N94, Peak milk from N45-N130 etc. Yet somehow we say we are owed good education by our government where it is self-education that males our economy what it is today, as its no longer news that our government has failed us all.
If these kids are given a chance to go fend for themselves for a year, they’ll not only appreciate the value of money but also appreciate the value of time. The day ended with the management shutting the school doors indefinitely (the school wasn’t even in session in the first instance).
This charade (will be explained in a bit) went on for 2 more days before a meeting was setup between the Management and the Students’ representative body of which the outcome is not known to those who helped built the stronghold and passive observers like us.
Why it is a Charade:
1) Resumption date had been push to 28th so as to allow over 72hours of protest which won’t break any NUC code of conducts.
2) This was going fine until some ignorant ones locked and barricaded-in the Senate building officials for over 8hrs, which justified the closure of school.
3) Its no news that a certain political party seems to get 30,000 votes from the campus during the elections, Gubernatorial elections are in August.
4) For the reason, students are not allowed on the campus during election periods.
5) That the school will reopen after the elections (September) is more certain than before.
A great percentage of the protesters didn’t realise this earlier, but now they do and they seem sad that 3months at home is another waste of time after an earlier 6 months, which sums up a session already. The university is not the end of your lives but only the beginning, that your friend is doing things like this weigh your options before you jump in. The economy is graduate unfriendly but now connection friendly and innovation friendly, if you lack both then the Lord is your strength.
For the next 3months, I beg you all to look deep into yourselves and build on what it is you know you are good at as there’s an old Yoruba adage that translates “The way to the market is always more than one”. Get your head together and realise the Hustle is real #RealHustle… Safe

Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son, not Edited nor proof read, just poured out. safe


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