READ: The Warranty Fraud

In the first quarter of this year, I happened to be a happy proud owner of a brand new Blackberry10 Z series(full touchscreens bring out the kid in me), why? I was so happy because I bought a brand new phone, Warranty aff cover me for 1whole year.

Fast forward 8months later. Phone falls face flat on a terrazzo floor (Gbese re o), but then, warranty cover a nicca. So I causally strolled into Slot Ikeja Blackberry store (where I bought the device) like a boss who is about to reap the fruit of his labours.

Met the bloke at the counter, who was playing PES 15 (saw him with gamepad & I can’t mistake the soundtrack “All for Nothing – Linkin Park”). Greeted he looked and acknowledged (eyes back on screen) and asked “How may I help u (eyes still on the screen)?”, I showed him the phone and without flinching he said “Screen is 16tansand”(eyes back on the screen). I told him the phone is less than 12months and I purchased it here. Still playing his game, he told me warranty doesn’t cover screens, that it was physical damage and I had to pay for it. What a customer service it was. I walked away.

(H)image Indeed

In my head, I kept replaying the scenario and decided that these mobile shops are frauds. How will I (Pensioner’s son) after saving and starving to buy a brand new phone, still have to spend money to repair it when it’s warranty isn’t expired. Then I remembered my brother’s similar predicament with is Z series in Dubai. A bus ran over it 3weeks after purchase, took it to store, Nicca got a brand new phone without paying a dime.

What is physical damage? What is warranty? Well a number of things could go wrong when a phone drops asides the screen. The mic or speakers could be dislodge, it’s a physical damage. Yet it will be repaired or replaced for free. This particular damage isn’t covered after spending about 300 USD on a brand new phone.

I began regretting why I hadn’t settled for UK used (which was exactly16k lesser that period) and would be happy to use the change to repair the screen. So is it worth buying brand new Blackberry in Nigeria? Well it isn’t.

As far as I’m concerned, we are being swindled and hopefully, my next stop shop will be one who will cover any kind of damage for free for just once and at a discount at every repetition of such damage for the remaining period of the Warranty on Blackberry.

To make matters worse, repair of the screen is even cheaper in the open market; screen itself is 9k, workmanship is negotiable as usual. Choi!!!! But Slot NG no try at all. It is well in this country.


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