READ: The Weakest Link II: Upper Stratosphere


Its almost a year since I wrote the first part of The Weakest Link.

What triggered a sequel? Must be the question on your lips. Well I went on my twitter timeline and them publicists and bloggers be bombing my TL with “Are up for the task #GUS11” and my residual memory was triggered about me stating my readiness for the next edition (either prepared for it or moved on).

I had flash backs of me running away from N10m without even trying the challenges or obstacle courses set up. For today, I have the same confidence, but not for #GUS11 because as it stands, I won’t finish a 1km run. The only fitness I’ve been through from then till now are dumbbells, push ups and sit ups, and played street football (today and previous environment), so trust me when I say I’ll go into a cardiac arrest in a 1km race.

Though I’m yet to make certain percentage of the prize money, I’m glad I’ve been able to move from point A-B within the calendar year. How? Is the question on your lips, well, I look at the guy in the mirror every morning, and every morning I’m not satisfied with the one in the mirror. Don’t go for that be contented with what you have, that shii is bullocks… Get greedy, but remember to share… Crazy philosophy it is. God bless your hustles #RealHustle…

Hustle is real… Safe

Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son, not Edited nor proof read, just poured out. safe


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