REVIEW: Killshot vs. RAP DEVIL

Well, guess I’m one of the last to jump on this train.

Eminem (Rap God) vs. Machine Gun Kelly (Rap Devil).

As far as songs go, beat wise, I’ll give it to MGK for his flow on the beat and the fact that his lyrics and diss are just direct; a none rap/hip-hop head with no history or just a plain layman hear this track and will understand where he’s coming from and where he’s headed.

When I heard the RAP DEVIL though, I believed it was there at least it was easy to follow and all. No haymaker punchlines, except we review the “I just f***ked another rapper’s girl this week, don’t make me call Kim”, that had a lot of balls to mention though and it got us all waiting for a reply from the rap God.

1 week later, Eminem responded when we had concluded that he was just going to ignore the diss from his stan MGK with a track titled Killshot.

Before we go into the song itself, Killshot is a 2008 movie where a psychopathic veteran hitman went after one Colson; MGK’s birth name is Richard Colson Baker. I believe you need to understand the depth of this wittiness by Mr. Marshall Mathers III. As a song, the beat to the track wasn’t it, and based on Eminem’s standard for dissing rappers, it wasn’t up to par, but it was enough to land a deathblow on MGK’s budding career; still up for debate as MGK as used this wave to announce his EP BINGE on 29th of September.

Killshot’s bars were so deep that folks were still digging up meanings from the bars 24hours after the track was dropped. The song broke youtube as it had more likes than views 4hours after it was dropped and the comment section couldn’t be accessed for a period of time as well. Eminem basically took MGK’s lines and spun them around, and adding a few spiced up Haymakers in them as well.


Diss Track wise, Killshot was far better (wordplay, flows, lyrics, bars)

Song wise, Rap Devil is an easier song to love because of the fast tempo beat and autotune (Who uses autotune in a diss track?)


For those saying MGK had the better lyrics and bars, I guess the lyrics in Killshot flew right over your head and you know not what hip-hop/rap game/culture entails.

If you have contrasting opinion(s), share below.


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