SERIES: The Consultant E01

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It’s about 6am on a wet cold Sunday, the drizzle could still be heard hitting off the rooftops and softly into the puddle at the steps of a 16ft wide entrance door of a rusty old warehouse/factory somewhere in the Wharf area of Lagos state. There in a cold dark wet corner lay a bloodied 5ft7″ body, the body flinched and he sneezedHe opened his eyes to stare into the dark skies from the holes in the roof, his mind wandered and he thought to himself.

**Wow! I feel like shit. How the hell did I get here?**. He lifts up his head to try to situp **Darn! I’ve been shot again. Now my Armani is ruined**, irritated by the sight of his blood on his white Leather suit. **That Mofo is gonna pay for my jacket. Darn 3 bullet holes? This shit cost more than a Kalashnikov for fuck sake**, he reaches for his phone in his pocket and finds none **Bloody Niggers robbed me also? Need help though, might bleed to death in this God Forsaken pl….. oh! my car**. He gets up and reaches to get a view of the entrance and sees no vehicle **Splendid! Even went with my RED MUSCLE. At least it would be a shitty vehicle to be related with if I die here and investigations proceeds**. He reaches for a cigarette pack, which had a bullet stuck in it, **Guess smoking doesn’t kill after all. Thanks B&H for another day (at least if I don’t die here)**.

He proceeds towards a pillar, sits with his back to the pillar, he gently blows at the cigarette while blood gently oozes out of his two wounds. **Well at least I came, I saw, I was conquered. Sade warned me about ever doing business with Uchendu. Ahhh Sade… so sweet, gentle, loved me from rags to riches, she deserved better than the darn hustler (diva) she caught me on, who eventually had me doing business with Uchendu. Bloody bitch set me up ni sha!! Guess everyone wants a piece of every action at the end of the day. I wasn’t this greedy, What happened?, Sade left, I’m sorry Sade for being a dick at my climax. Well only person I owe an apology. Seems…SHIT!!!** He looks at his belt buckle, **well guess there’s a way out of here after all, except she refuses to help or she’s sold the car I bought for her** He brings out a round transparent ball and smashed it in the floor. ** I guess I can make a kill list as of this moment. Please do come to me Sade, I’m sorry**

About 20mins later, a black convertible enters the compound, a lady in last night’s dress comes out yelling out his name. He wakes from one of his unconscious spells and yells out “Saaaade!”, she hears and runs towards the sound of his voice, sees him at the pillar, “What the hell happened to you?”, all he could mouth out was “Uchendu, I’m sorry, help me”. He passes out again.

He wakes at Sade’s bedroom, all stitched up **She has always been good at it** he said to himself, he looks at the bedside drawer and sees a note with her writing on it;

Gone to work
Breakfast is in the kitchen, when ready, Yell “Ekaite” and you will be sorted
Will be back by 4pm. SADE

He glanced at the desk clock 11am. **What to do with the day? Guess one needs to retrace my steps so as to build a very accurate and effective kill list that has Uchendu as the last on it list. Well before playback starts need to nourish brain waves..** “EKAITEEEEE”


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