SERIES: The Consultant E03

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X reaches for the bag under his bed and opens ithe finds cocaine with street value of ten million naira (NGN 10,000,000) in it. He calmly pushes the bag under the bed, quietly sits on the bed and was in thought about disposing it. About 30mins later, Sade walks in looking all irritated with a so you spent the day at home look on her face on seeing X on the bed.

He smiles back at her, hugs her (she was all stiffed up). She was about to speak when the door was barged in and 3 guys with Cutlasses and axe walk in, Sade notices X was about to react and she grabs his hand, he pauses on realising his actions might get her hurt. “Both of you lie down! No waste my time!” they get on the ground. 2 of the robbers grab X and raised him to his feet, the third (the leader) picks up Sade, looks at X and a grin appears on his lips as he puts his cutlass on Sade’s throat, he then began to speak

“Motherfucking Oluwaemeka (OE)! So na you! Anyways, Orshine don come, and wetin I don kan collect na my own”, he turns his gaze at the guys holding OE and nods, simultaneously, they punch him in the stomach. Orshine continues “Now that I have your attention, I pray say I get your cooperation. Not wasting any time, I know say Chukwuma drop something for your hand, how we take know? E tell us before we erase am, why? E borrow money wey im no fit pay, and we tell am make im go bring part of the delivery from Isoji (Vigil), only say we want everything now. So if u no want make we erase madam, answer us make we dey go our way”.
OE smiles and looks at Orshine “Orshine, you get mind enter my house and threat my woman. Orshinnnnneeee! you know say na she cause am ooo. The bag dey under the bed. Take it and fade.” They take the bag and leave.

OE calms Sade down and leaves 3mins after the Orshine had taken his leave. He trails them to a public primary school, and sees them give the bag to Ejanla (big fish). He smiles and returns home to Sade, tells her all that has happened since she left for work between him and Chukwuma, his death till the exchange point. “Its one thing to be a street boy, its another to cross Isoji’s path as well as Ejanla’s. Dear, please walk away from this one” Sade implored. OE smiled back at her “I will hon, just that I can’t walk away from an opportunity to be in Isoji’s grace and get the finders fee for the stolen item. Babes, I’ll see you tomorrow”. OE walks outof the room and headed straight for Isoji’s compound.

Isoji, an old school druglord who remains in the community that mad him and well secured behind the boys of that community, a philanthropist, a financier of politicians and their campaigns as well, he was somwhat an untouchable and his rival was the thug, Ejanla. He lived in a mansion, sited on  6plots, more security than the State’s Governor, 2 wives, he was a man with very good taste.

OE walks in after telling the guard at the gate he had resourceful information for Isoji. Isoji attends to him in his office, he was all sleepy and groggy. A bald headed, pot-bellied man, about 5ft5′ tall, this was the make up of the most dangerous man in all of MFK. “Young man you had better have information that’s worth disturbing my sleep as well as you walking out of here with your life” he walks towards the desk where OE was seated and looked at him scornfully. OE looked at him and calmly looked at him “Its about a merch worth N1om sir”..

Isoji takes a seat “Go on”..

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