READ: The 1 Chance

This particular is a test of perception and direction, not also forgetting narration. In other words, readers discretion is strongly adviced .

The was 24th December, Christmas fever everywhere, debtors yet to credit, emotional status: Boiz Are Not Smiling. Headed out to source some juice from them debtors, before leaving home joke of how to handle as of in a 1chance bus was made. Little was known of what the day held in store.
Left home with a backpack that contained major source of income, which were un laptop and un Tablet. To God be the glory half of the money owned from major debtor was squeezed out that day, happy and all ear to ear smile with the thoughts “This Christmas and New Year go hear am”. Cash in backpack, homeward bound. Little concern was taken to bus boarded that was headed for Oshodi, which is largely based to both stress and enthusiasm of the time of heading out to apply a little pressure for payment to the time of heading back consumed about 10hours of the whole 24hours.
At Cement, the conductor made a “Special Announcement” to the passengers (11 in number) “Ekaabo, she gbogbo yin do ATM card yin dani?” (Welcome, hope you all are with your ATM cards?). Nudged back into his senses and realising the driver and his passenger, the conductor and the next seated passenger were involved. Mind melting that over $1000 (in cash and assets) will be lost on the night ride, started to summon courage from #Ifa, while waiting for #Ifa’s response, observed that only one gun(one bullet at a time local hand guns) was visible and it was in the next seated passenger’s possession.
Then, #Ifa answered and zap! 5years of self defense training kicked in, a left palm grab of gun hand simultaneous with a right elbow jab to culprit’s left temple, gun was taken away, and head slam on the back rest of the front row seats (Fortunately, seats were of metal frames) put culprit dazed. A special announcement was then made “Omo iya, Iwo mope igboro oreri, ewa fe fi emise Christmas niye abi? Koni yeyin. Bus yi ma gbemi Debi to mosowo fun e pe mo n lo, a won ti oisawo, Christmas bonus, oya eyin Meiji toku, e bole nisin, driver duro! Abi ofe Ku ni” ( Niccas, you all know economy is harsh, so you now decided to use me to make Christmas happen for you abi? It will not be well for all of you. Both of you he down here, driver stop! Or you want to die”.
Driver stops at Ile-zinc and two culprits alight leaving driver, conductor and 9 passengers in the bus. Bus resumes normal duties only that every passenger dropped at ladipo. On dropping, gun was emptied and dropped on seat next to driver, bullet finds its way to the other side of the express as bus made a sudden dash for the express as the rest of the passengers shouted “Ole!” (Thief!). Prayers poured from the passengers to their fellow passenger and others were all “Guy you try oo, you be officer?” No! “Go home and enjoy your holiday”. On bike headed home, the shivers and jitters came over as adrenaline died down, and was grateful that gun didn’t miss fire during the disarming and only one was on board.
Now you’re wondering if its fact or fiction, and if its his or someone else’s.. Its the power of your own perception that determines how what you decide at this juncture about this piece. Readers discretion is urged, and feel free to share the results of discretion.
Happy Sunday to you all and remember to share. Safe

Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son, not Edited nor proof read, just poured out. safe


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