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Here I am again with another broadcast message (BC) saga. Yes! Call me paranoid, but I tell you, even the crazies are entitled to their own opinions. Yes we all know bbm, yes we all know that BC is one of its features. Now for a fella wanting to pass an info to a target audience, he writes his message, marks everyone and sends. Today’s write up is about the recipients

  According to civics, we have the good citizens (law abiding folks), bad citizens (niccas and beesches), and finally the passive citizens (le snobs). Well, it goes beyond civics and applies in every area of life. You receive a BC and you fall into one of these categories:
1) Good: You acknowledge it, and pass it on to your contacts, be it a joke, an advert, an announcement, a questionnaire or amazing facts. These ones will read that bc, be it 2000 words, they will finish it and even show the sender some grammatical errors, they’ll correct them and send to all their contacts.
2) Passive: You ignore it. These sets of people are amazing (I fall in this category), they don’t even bother to read it, they even go through the stress of opening then closing the chat so as to remove the bbm notification.
3) Basterds: These particular ones be like “pls stop sending me BCs”or”Stop or I delete u”. Abeg, you delete him/her, did you add/loose weight? Did the person starve or happen to drop dead?
  Well, if u receive a BC you aren’t interested in, why not just ignore it and say nothing about it, because every message BC-ed has its target audience and it so happens you’re not a target, so why not rebroadcast (you’ll definitely have targets on your contacts) or kindly keep your “dusty” yarns to yourself.
  The other half. The only people we can say we know are our parents and siblings and other people that lived with us from birth till we had sense of right and wrong. Every other person; bestie, boo, cousin, padi, side chick, widely, hubby, were once strangers, till we got to know them. So therefore, we happen to have their contacts (phone, email, pin etc) at our disposals, and we contact them whenever we need or want to. In so doing, some Nigerians (the wisests of us all) make decisions that “I don’t pick numbers I don’t know”. In my own opinion, they all need therapy, because, “Who thinks like that?”. So a friend can’t give your number to another (say another old classmate), who might have been sent by God to solve your problems, and you ignore the calls because “I don’t know the number”. I’m sure by now, some of us see reasons to why our prayers have not been answered (technically, he answered them, you just ignored the phone call).
Take my case. I was to pick up from a house, the household knew I was to coming to pick it up. The morning came and I headed to the house, and on getting to the “gatemanless” house, I decided to call a member of the household to info him of my presence at the compound gate. Call 1, not picked, so also was 2, 3, 4-7 was ignored, and we all know the reputation of a BIS-ed blackberry phone (especially bold 3) as the battery went from white (before the 1st call) to red after the 7th call. I panicked and called someone in Akure to call someone in Lagos that I was at his gate. On querying about the reason, he said “I didn’t know the number, so I didn’t pick it because I don’t pick numbers”. Soooo, supposing I had lost radio use on my phone due to battery, I would either have waited until someone came out of the compound or I headed back home (waste of time and money).
  My point, its a very bad habit to cultivate. You don’t know the position the person on the other side of the phone is in. He might have been kidnap and he uses another victim’s phone to reach you and you graciously ignored it and later you go for a burial. Pick the darn phone! You have nothing to loose!you don’t like the person? Hang up the phone, its not fight. Your scared its ritualist? Put it on speaker. So why form one nonsense principle that could cost one his life or cost you your glory. Think Right.
      Have a nice week ahead, and rethink some of your behaviours this new year. Stay alive and stay safe. Safe

Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son, not Edited nor proof read, just poured out. safe


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