The one of the most popular trends in the social networking world of Nigeria is the broadcast message on blackberry messenger (bbm) otherwise known as BC. This tool is one of the most powerful tools in the world, it passes on messages wider than a wildfire, and its being used for advertisements, pass on riddles and jokes, quotes and inspirational messages, protests and petitions.
As the young will always be, they’ve decided to add pranks to the list of its uses. These pranks usually go to far, as the bc will spread even beyond the borders of this continent and continue on into strange lands. These kids don’t understand the value of human lives so they don’t appreciate it. I’m very sure if they’ve experienced a kidnap or being missing/lost directly (victim) or indirectly (knowledge of the victim) they wouldn’t joke with it, all if they’ve witnessed a murder or an accident that was fatal or narrowly escaped such accidents, they would go easy on the death pranks also. This write will be short and precise, as I’m not going to be the National Broadcast Message Censors Board (NBCCB) neither will I support any such body. As the saying goes, what is worth doing at all is worth doing well.
I received this BC this morning “Corper Bunmi is MISSING. She Left the orientation camp last week after passing out at NYSC Camp Bukuru,Plateau state. Code number PL/13b/1476, If found please call her platoon officer on 08030833042. Pls Let’s do this together, let’s help find Bunmi by sending this message across. Re-broadcast plzzzz.” At first glanced, I observed lots of things were missing in the BC. We are looking for someone that doesn’t have a full name, but we her code number, she seized to be a corp member when she passed out (corper Bunmi) and the person that wants to be contacted (most likely the person looking for her) is her nameless platoon officer not even her parents or the NPF, but her platoon office while she was serving.
If this happens to be a true episode, then the platoon officer should be held for questioning he is a prime suspect. If its a hoax, then you have to understand that every prank has its loop holes, and its only those who have experienced these situations directly or indirectly that can play a foolproof one. I forwarded this BC and only one person questioned me on the name issue, some even sent the BC back as BC, some might have excluded me in their forwarding list, some are naturally not interested in BC even if it involves pertinent issues that concerns them (as far as its in purple, dey don’t read), while the rest are offline. Aniyawere o

The memiors of a Pensioner’s son, Not Edited or proofread just poured out… Safe

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