READ: The ” Happy New” Rave

I have come again to correct a common error made by we Nigerians on the social media which I have name the “The Happy New Rave”. This particular error occurs when a new year, month or religious celebration (christmas, ramadan etc) arrives, and it is frequently seen on whatsapp and blackberry BCs (again!), groups on facebook, blackberry, whatsapp, we chat, 2go (catches breath), frim, mChat (nawa o)etc.
It’s 12am of the first day in a new month and those awake flood those still asleep phones and group pages with “Happy new month” messages, that’s cool. Now, when those asleep finally awaken and decided to copy the message they like the most and send it back to everyone, all in the name of “mesef get nice head to compose message”. And the best message will end up (technically) on everybody’s phone. It takes a courageous few to pick up theirs phones and type “Amen” or “Thanks” or “Same to you”. Imagine a group with over 300 members having a “Happy new month” message from over 300members and not one person will show appreciation for these messages.
Is it Ego? Is it pride? Is it inferiority complex (typofiority complex)? Is it laziness?, that in the stead of sayin thanks and wishing a well-wisher the same, we copy someone else’s message and send it to them?. Let’s try and stop this band wagon madness and learn to appreciate that appreciation goes a long way; ” If a child shows gratitude, he’ll get another gift”. If you can compose a message, and you get a message first, wish the person the same, then you can send your own essay. If you can’t compose any (dead headed like me), wish the person the same, and if typofiority complex is worrying, then you can copy and paste someone else’s message. On the group page, you can also just wish them the same things they’ve all wished you.
Have a wonderful month ahead. Safe

The memiors of a Pensioner’s son, Not Edited or proofread just poured out… Safe


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