READ: The New Fraud

Recently, I got a flyer that said “Vacancy: Graduates, Corpers, IT students, Factory workers, security officers and teachers wanted at a new flour mill company”, I inquired and was told to come with my credentials and 2 passports to the corporate office at anthony village for the interview. Dressed smart, I picked my credentials, my parents wished me luck (also raised me t-fare) and I headed out for the labour market.
I arrived at Anthony and called for the pick-up, only to be told to get down to Pedro bus stop, got there and was told again to use the pedestrian bridge, ask for multilinks then ask for plot 12. On getting to plot 12, I saw a big logo on the fence that said “GNLD”. I walked in and saw an enormous amount of unemployed Lagosians in the compound. Some dressed for a club, some dressed for a traditional wedding and others like me (in suits or formal dressing), in huddled in groups round tables wit a speaker on each table.
I was disappointed and couldn’t just head back home (my folks wud be like u don finish na na?), I summoned the greatest virtue (patience) known to mankind and took a sit and listened to the sermon. All I heard was literally dust! Dangote coming from nothing to something (dust), Bill Gate dropped out cos he was a dullard and poor (dust), I’ll earn a particular figure for more than 2years on a job (dust) and I can’t build my dream house while working for someone (ask the VP of NBC that question. Dust!). Was told potential is beta than credentials, examples were also given; Wizkid, Bill Gates, Kanu Nwankwo etc. They then proffered a solution to all my problems, joining GNLD with NGN8,500.
Well I quizzed that its neva one road that leads into the market, if yours is GNLD, mine mite be pick-pocketing.
Point is, this fellas overlook the fact that they are a committing a felony (fraud) by offering a position + salary in different companies (flour, juice, soft drink etc) and trick the desperate unemployed masses to GNLD and not forgeting that this GNLD fraudsters are very insolent and some even tell u to leave ur phone or something behind so u can bring the NGN8,500. When they meet a person that will hammer thru them by suing GNLD for fraud and they pay damages of worth millions of nairan I guess that would be the last time they use the trick.
I got home and began to wonder “what has GNLD done to our economy?” It ended up wit “Nothing (I stand corrected tho)”. No scholarship, the drugs are not even produced here and they still take the masses NGN8,500 and give them back about 10% and the CEO gets richer. Nigerians (the poor in particular) are not fore sighted thinkers, you tell me I make my boss richer, so I shud quit and do GNLD and I’m left to ask “are they not making the CEO richer?”. As far its for a whiteman, the poor Nigerian will climb oceans tho. Its about time we start reasoning. Aniyawere o


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