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What is Life?

A rhetorical question, which once reflected upon opens one’s eyes to the travesty of life cocooned in Vanity and material things. Only less than a percent of the worlds population can be said not to be motivated by the world’s material valuables. In short every human (Me inclusive) in our beloved Nigeria is motivated by the GOOD LIFE; car, house on the island, trophy wife or bae and a large bank balance, hence the quick money frenzy in every corner of our economy. Everybody wants to lowo ju daddy wan lo.

A lot goes on in the underground (bear in mind underground covers every illicit dealings) and the legit world of Nigeria,  and the Underground economy is way richer than the Nigerian Economy. A vivid analogy is Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. 

Then, information is power, and it can be attained by chance or by research. You without information will grope in the dark forever, so get up and make use of the data on your phone to better your life. There are also very legal money making schemes, but then, they can only be known by research as well. Dear brother, are you lazy? You will continue to wallow in poverty.

I’m not here to judge your source of income, neither am I here to commend your illicit means, I’m only here to tell you your destiny is in your hands, and not your village witches or your very balling pastor. Dear brother, why not close that bible and go seek job to EARN a daily bread and not just wait on God to give you a daily bread. He carters for the birds and other lower animals already, you are a higher animal with a very well established IQ, and I assure you your God (whichever one you serve) will back you up and reward that effort you’ve put in to better your living conditions.

Prayer don’t get shit done, but PRAYER and/or just HARD/SMARTWORK gets SHIT Done!!!



Ps: You are responsible for your interpretation.


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