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Well I never for once doubted the care mothers have for their babies, but, I never knew there was a great deal of patience involved until I was asked to babysit a 1year 4months boy and a 4months old girl for 5hrs.

I was flexing out with Max Payne 3 when my sister-in-law walked in and said “I have to go renegotiate with a client, I’ll be back by 1pm at most” (it was 10am then). I couldn’t say no (although I had to be at the bank before the end of the day), she gave the instructions on the feeding et al when they both wake up (sleeping in 2 different rooms).
As she was closing the gate, PHCN seized power (( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡)), being Ikorodu, I knew the power wouldn’t be restored until the following day (it hasn’t been restored 32hrs later), marked the beginning of a slow dearth. 30mins later, the boy was up and crying, I pampered him to keep him quiet with snack and juice. Then the sugar kicked in..
Quicker than Flash and louder than a ‘surround’, the kid was all over the house (reving his invisible V12 engine) and making his presence felt. 5mins into his campaign, the girl woke up ((۳º̩̩́_º̩̩̀)۳) with an out burst Adele couldn’t match. Picked her, pampered and fed her, placed her in the bouncer so as get her back to sleep after the meal. I started rocking the babe and playing her a lullaby so as to get her to sleep and I ended up dozing off.. (˘̯˘ ) ( ˘˘̯)
The neighbour woke me up with her knock around 1:30 (the babe wasn’t still asleep). I prepared lunch for the boy (but we ate it together), sat him next to the babe’s bouncer. Feeding the boy with both hands and simultaneously rocking the bouncer with one leg ((ʃ⌣ƪ)), the boy was getting filled and the girl started dozing off (ope ooo), when the boy suddenly jumped up with a shout (exhibition of satisfaction) and waking the girl (she started crying).
For the rest of the day, I gave the girl my attention while the boy was ruling the house. It was about 3:05pm when I decided to transfer both kids to the neighbour (since the mom was a few km from home), and I had to be at the bank before the close of the day. When I dropped them off (which was a difficulty decision by me), the boy didn’t want me to leave him and was all crying and I went all gooey on him and ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡) inwardly. Good thing the mom caught up with me on the street.
I took some time off after leaving the bank, and I began to appreciate mothers and nannies for their patience (which is a serious virtue) on us all. I also saw that affection that a child draws from the parents, being alone with the babies started out frustrating from the beginning until it was time to transfer them, when I realised I didn’t want to leave them. Certainly, I know I’ll do great as a father, in other news, I’m not single and she’ll be lucky if she ends up as the mother of my kids and my ……

The memiors of a Pensioner’s son, Not Edited or proofread just poured out… Safe


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