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Been a while I handle a pen, sorry, keyboard or keypad to blog. Been a while and I can assure you that lots of stories and information is to come your way in the coming month.
Today’s issue is how public properties end up being one man’s property. I passed by Jakande estate today and what I saw is beyond any literature description, but considering its environs (Lekki phase I and II) twas ‘Le Terrible’. I’m much more conscious of the Operation Feed the Nation (OFN) turned to Obasanjo Farm of Nigeria

, public Works Department (PWD) turns to PW Nigeria ltd. The suspicious one I’m just sitting back on the couch to observe is our dearly beloved BRT, might just end up being Babatunde Raji Transport or just being BRT (public property).
  At Ibeju-Lekki, LSDPC has properties (2bedrooms with maids room) with a starting price of N29.5m, and the Jakande counter part is disgustingly looking. As far as you earn a minimum wage (18k) you can afford not to live on that dilemma called a housing estate. When Jakande put up all those estates, I’m betting he did it so average Nigerians can afford to live or own property in Lagos state, therefore, LSDPC is in charge on renovations and retouching of these estates. In the stead of taking care of their properties, the decide to build new ones, ignore the old ones so hard they decide to sell out to one of their own who builds his ‘parklane, Broadway’ estates for the VIP classes only.
I’d rather proffer them to use the N29.5m from the Ibeju-Lekki scheme and renovate the lekki scheme. Well guess someone suggested that and he/she lost her job over mysterious circumstances. As the saying goes ‘que Sera Sera’ it only might just go down the way I proffered, and that is a bogus might, because someone is moving in to acquire that property already.
God bless Nigeria….


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  1. thugrighteous says:

    Man is haunted by the vastness of eternity and an unprecedented greed

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