READ: The Transfiguration

“And after the sixth day, Jesus took Peter, James and his brother John up into the mountain alone, and was transfigured before them: his face did shine like the sun, his garment as white as light. And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias (Elijah) talking with him……….. Peter said to the lord…. one for Moses, one for Elijah, and one for you”  – Matt 17 1-3.

A lovely passage that has everything about it all wrong. Beyong every reasonable doubt, there was no way Peter would have known what Moses and Elijah looked like. In the time of Moses, I don’t think oil painting was in existence. Also in Elijah’s time, canon was not in existence, then how was he able to identify them? Well I’m guessing you are saying the answer was divinely given to him, but I tell you it wasn’t, because Jesus would have mentioned it. Jesus was a proud man (not a bad thing) he knew the answer to every question and he always stated to those that came to test him why they bothered to do it, because he already knew. Still doubting? Don’t forget about the “what do people say I am, who do you say I am” session he had with his disciples. He literally told Peter that the answer was of the holy spirit and not by his (Peter) power of perception.
  As Christians the only identifiable prophets, priests and every biblical hero (and heroine) by picture is the shroud with Jesus’ face on it. How come Peter quickly identified those 2, and as humans (weaklings), the first thing that came to their mind on seeing such is to build tents for the ghosts, while the two quickest options: running and collapsing – were abandoned.
   Now, I’m not an atheist or an Antichrist, I’m just expressing our GOD given right to enquire, its the only thing left in a world where religion is turning into a source of income of lots of Nigerians and people of the world at large. Jesus fed 5,000 men not counting women and children at a gathering (convention, revival, congress and every other name we’ve given it), they all went home fulfilled spiritually, metabolically, mentally and physically, unlike our conventions where you come back broke, some comeback pregnant, others had been robbed, stressed out and we keep on gingering ourselves with the words “It was AWESOME!!”… GOD is watching you all in 3D.
  If you remember a piece I wrote earlier about our holy book being rigged with words to trap us into the will of that writer, and these days, the will of the interpreter. Dear beloved readers lest you’ve forgotten that Sloth is a sin, and you have every right to enquire and seek the true way to God, because he categorically stated that “ignorance is not an excuse”. For the born again brethens no need to remind you hell is real. Make your own enquiries, your pastor ‘s doctrines which you’ve adopted might just be the cause of your doom. An word for the wise.
Have a restful weekend. Safe

Memoirs of a Pensioner’s son, not Edited nor proof read, just poured out. safe


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